Ocarina of Time 3DS: Final Hopes and Concerns

Even though Miyamoto goes around saying Ocarina of Time looks really rough and he's surprised people ever played it, it remains extremely playable today. Sure, it has aged - but nowhere near as much as the original Legend of Zelda, which some newer gamers place in the unplayable category. This playthrough was yet another nostalgic trip of legendary epicness. Ocarina of Time 3D is going to be a real treat, and with everything still fresh in his head, these are Dathen Boccabella's final hopes and final concerns for Grezza's 3DS remake of this classic.

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WildArmed2782d ago

I still have my N64 hooked up w/ my Golden Ocarina of Time cartridge plugged in.
I play it every now and then still.
Great game.

DigitalHorror812781d ago

One of the best of all time. ALL TIME! Take that, Kanye West, ya douchebag!