Brief PSN Update, & Deals

GamesOnSmash writes:
Blip here and just a very brief update of whats going on with the PSN, and some deals are brought to ones attention. The playoffs are in full swing and I have to two gospel cuts for you this Sun.

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Crazyglues2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Love the picture on this story... LoL

Pretty cool...


eggbert2756d ago

implying they won't get stopped by the Celtics in a 4-2 series.

HeavenlySnipes2755d ago

I'm saying we'll slap the Celtics 4-1. Oh and Paul Pierce is a little bitch. :)

SuperbVillain2756d ago

before i read this article,tell me why xbox360 is tagged?

blipboy742756d ago

if you mean tagged, because its also in the 360 section. Its because I talk of some information regarding the 360 that xbox users should be aware if they already don't know of the information.

If there is important news to be shared no matter what console I will bring it to the best of my ability.