Destructoid: Bangai-O HD Missle Fury Preview

Destructoid: "The first stage was a huge, open area lined with enemy-generating blocks. It was a great opportunity to test out counters, which are massive attacks based on how imminently doomed you are. One of the core gameplay mechanics of the original game, it works just as well here. On use, a wave of fire erupted in every direction with me as the center, and things got mopped up quickly. Even the appearance of four huge robots didn't slow me down a bit.

Waves of increasingly difficult giant robots made up the second stage. Only a couple of hits from one of these bruisers was enough to take me down. The easiest way to survive this type of scenario seemed to be to make use of the freeze defensive move. Freeze stops enemies and projectiles dead in their tracks, effective within a targeting circle around yourself, allowing you to then use their quantity and proximity in launching a counter attack."

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