L.A. Noire Countdown: Investigating The Road To L.A. Noire: Week 5 - Media Blowout


"This week in our series we are going to have a look at the media currently available for gamers, rather than a crime-solving film or tv show.

"This means showing off the various aspects on the actual game, along with several videos that not only show off the technical advantages, but the various gameplay aspects.

"Just what do we expect as we play the role of Colin Phelps, beat cop, right through to Detective 1st Class in Downtown L.A.?"

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XboxOZ3602781d ago

This game is just getting bigger and bigger with each week.

Now they have tied real history into the storyline with various gangsters of the era being portrayed, along with their own escapades that made them famous.

Plus the list of real actors appearing in just NPC roles is huge to say the least.

NOt many, if any game titles have enrolled actors for secondary roles, let alone just NPC roles. It must be costing a small fortune to produce.

I am so looking forward to this title, and it's out towards the end of this month, cool.

Reborn2781d ago

One of the main parts that get me is that some of the cases, are based on real life. Which should be interesting.

XboxOZ3602781d ago

If you follow the story only, there's 20 - 30 hours of gameplay, yet if you follow all the site missions, adventures etc, there's close to 60 plus hours of gameplay available for the enthusiast.

Make no mistake, this game has far more available in it than can be printed here or explained.

retrofly2781d ago

Only 20-30 hours gameplay? I completed protal 2 in 6 and BLOPS in 8!

gaminoz2781d ago

I can't wait to see how gamers and reviewers look at this game...anything not usual can be a lottery...

Looking forward to it.

XboxOZ3602781d ago

I agree, it's one of my 'biggest' concerns with the game actually.

Reading a lot of forums where many commenters' are asking if it's like GTA IV or if it's filled with gunfights, do you get a chance to fly choppers, smash cars etc etc.

Sure, you drive cars, but like normal ppl.

And when you need to requisition a persons car on the street.

You don't drag them out and rip-it-off GTA style. You need to 'flash your badge', then the owner gets out and you drive off. Very uneventful, but what it SHOULD be like for that type of game.

Again, something that some gamers might find 'unusual' in todays mad firefight-mad-world. You get awarded points for doing the investigations properly, not how many 'bad gys' you shot. SOmetimes you loose points if you shoot someone you're no supposed to.

Here's a little excert from someone who's spent some time with the game already. It details some of the extremities Team Bondi have and are going to in the game.

"Map and Exploration

If you are worried about the game being linear or not being able to explore 1947 L.A., you will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, I encourage you to go find famous landmarks that are strewn throughout the city. You are in total control of the case and the speed at which you decide to go. After I completed a few cases I decided to go out on a scenic drive.

I was blown away at how large the city was, and how real everything looked. One of the other guys who played it drove to the Roosevelt Hotel where we were staying just to check it out - that's how realistic the game is! I wish I could compare the in-game Roosevelt Hotel with the photo I took, but that will just have to wait for you guys to find out on your own!

While driving around you will hear a crime come over the radio and you have the option to go investigate it or continue on with your case. If you decide to do the "side mission" you won't screw up your case in progress, it just gets put on hold until you are ready to proceed.

While I'm on the subject of exploration, you will notice building's shop windows aren't "painted" on to the building texture.

Team Bondi did an amazing job recreating period shops from the 1940's. The windows have items in them, they have depth, and are very realistic looking. While on a specific case, I came into contact with a lot of period items, and they really took you back into the era. Simon Wood and his team did a phenomenal job creating the most immersive atmosphere in a video game I've ever played. You really feel like you're in the late 40s!"

source: http://www.rockstarnetwork....

clarkjudo2781d ago

Thank you for submitting this article. It seems like allot of articles have been cutting and pasting from other articles alike. Looks like most of my summer calender is now going to be full of LA Noire. :)

XboxOZ3602781d ago

@ clarkjudo:

No probs mate, One thing we do at OXCGN is write our own stuff, and if we use segments from anyone elses articles, we give them credit, and only supply a 'snippet' and provide the source.

That aside, I'm super glad the guys at Team Bondi have finally gotten the game to where it is, it has taken them close to 6-7 yrs since they first came up with the idea of the 3D camera system at Sydney Uni, from there into a possible game conception, then into finding backers, and finally spending several years developing what will ideally become a high benchmark for other games to reach for.

If game developers like Team Bondi and say DICE with their great new Frostbite 2 engine, or Cytek's CryEngine 3,continue on their upward development cycle, then we can expect to see even better games coming out in the very near future.

That is of course - if GAMERS accept the games and new IPs rather than shun them in favour for games they know and are used to,such as CoD, MoH, Gear, etc.

All of which, while great in their own right, are nothing more than extensions of previous iterations with a little more polish, sometimes!

We need new IPs, or Developers willing to take risks, but we (as gamers) need to embrace their risk taking, because if we do not, then they - the developers, will have no alternative but to revert to making package games year in, year out.

As these games bring in the $$'s even if they lack creativity, innovation or anything resembling a story.

Gamers are the main reason game developers shy away from new IPs, let's hope gamers learn and take L.A. Norie as the game it is meant to be, nothing short of amazingly innovative and creative.