Battlefield 3 fake beta sign ups swarm Twitter

Twitter has been swarmed with fake Battlefiled 3 beta sign ups - do not click these links under any circumstance.

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Focker4202459d ago

Careful!! They might get your precious personal info!!

Organization XII2459d ago

yeah, but I dont have precious personal info so I dont give a hoots butt!

LightSamus2459d ago

These sorts of links are always fake, they're very easy to spot.

Reborn2459d ago

If there was any chance of a beta, you'd hear it first from DICE blog/Twitter.

mafiahajeri2459d ago

There is a chance just buy the limited addition of Medal of honor and you get the beta but you need the CD I think.

TheColbertinator2459d ago

Saw a few of those on Twitter.Thankfully I avoided them

Wardog13682459d ago

There was a pretty convincing link on facebook.

It was like ea.battlefieldbeta dot com(DO NOT GO THERE)

It just goes to some other site that is clearly a scam.

But these things are pretty easy to spot.

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