Does China Play?

China is a country that attracts the eyes of the world for its economy, competitiveness, pride but also for its questionable freedom. With that in mind, do Chinese people play console games, and how do they succeed knowing their government is banning electronic entertainment ?

Total Manga is giving you an unique perspective on that topic, with the exclusive interview of Tianxi Sun, a Chinese gamer who recently was asked about his childhood and how counterfeited video game consoles were his entry ticket in the world of gaming.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

''In a country that produces gaming machines for the world, but where people are denied the opportunity to play''

'Is there is a solution for the emancipation of Chinese players at the moment? Not really, but time helping to open China to the world, it may well be in the coming years as manufacturers have to rely on a new market, large over a billion potential players.''

Good thing Sony will try to expand PlayStation and Blu ray there, so they can play what they manufacture:


I forgot the Piracy, good point.

Nitrowolf22731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Sony isn't the only one
Nintendo had plans to release wii in 08 but i don't think it ever happened

Although Piracy is huge in China, it's still a large market for all three company.

Plus might be crazy, but i believe piracy rate will go down once true consoles are released there. it may still be high, but i have a feeling we will see a huge decrease in it, once the country gets real gaming support from these companies.
other wise it'll be really bad. All three company should get better protection and such when they decide to go into china, or better just do a test run and if things aren't working out then pull back.

Non_sequitur2731d ago

One of my Chinese friends tells me that they just get them through Hong Kong, and most Chinese buy pirated games for about 50 cents each.

-MoOkS-2731d ago

Yeah, it's disgusting. Their government wont even let them view most of the internet, but they are perfectly fine with letting the scummy little pirate thieves steal games? makes sense...

Imagine the console sales if china was involved. I'd say 360 would be around the 90 million mark by now

Der_Kommandant2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

They play Sbox 350 and Gamestation 3

KeiserSosay47882731d ago

The Chinese have always been like this. Their version of the printing press outdated Gutenberg by almost 700 years! It was also illegal to take their newly designed crossbows outside of China, punishable by death. Chinese people have always had an isolationist mindset. I bet UFOs are really the Chinese, lol.

2731d ago
Emilio_Estevez2731d ago

In Communist China u don't play games. Government plays u!