Sony: The Same PS3 an Account Was Created on is Not Required When PSN Returns

Sony has confirmed that you will not need to log into your PSN account on the PS3 that you created that account on only.

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Hitman07692782d ago

This is actually good. Does this mean we are getting a free reset and our 4 slots back?

WildArmed2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Aye, I'm intrigued to know.
I know that they have been only returning 3 slots for awhile now, even thou older PSN accounts have 5 slots in them.

Maybe it won't be such as hassle to get your slots reset.
Sony need to understand, most people are on their 2-3rd ps3
(regardless of whether they chose to upgrade, or had tech. issues)

RememberThe3572782d ago

"most people are on their 2-3rd ps3"

Where are you getting that from?

WildArmed2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Oh, an FYI:
You can access Account Management via Sony's website. You can change your pass/etc etc here:

(yes, I realize the site is down.. I'm sure most of you realize by now that PSN is also down ;) lol )

Err, sorry. I guees I shouldn't generalize.
But most of my friends on PSN / N4G/ IRL, are on their 2-3 ps3.
Some people just because they wanted a Slim PS3 over a fat Ps3. (I gotta say, it's quite tempting)
Others due to tech. issues.

BlackTar1872782d ago

if they just wanted a upgrade thats not on there 3-4th. they could always deactivate the system pretty easy if the old ones weren;t Dead.

3 or 4 is so many of ps3's to burn through for your friends/.

n4gisatroll2782d ago

Go to an you can see the details of your account, delete certain ps3s that have your psn name on it and clear pap systems too.

a_bro2782d ago

yea, i want to get rid of my activations as well. its sucks that i cant.

WildArmed2782d ago


You can't deactivate accounts from
But you can see active ps3/psp systems on your account (w/ date of activation)

Nitrowolf22782d ago


you can't delete PS3 using that, they use to display console ID code when the service launched but have actually changed that a few months ago. It only tells you how many PS3 there are, when you click deactivate it'll tell you can only use the PS3 to do that.

My advice if they don't reset, email Sony and come up with an excuse to reset it so no ps3 are assigned to that account. I did.

they only do it once for you, that is what i was told in the email

Graphics2782d ago

I'm on my 4th ps3... Ylod twice and then bought a slim then that got Hdd corruption with 3.56. The two times I had Sony erase my activations I told them that they must cause I had system failures and never could of deactivated. When YLOD appears your ps3 wont turn on and when your ps3 gets corrupt it doesn't reach XMB menu. The two times they deleted my stuff, they said they would do it one time only as a good gesture. Now my ps3 is about to sell today on Ebay and I won't be able to deactivate if PSN not up by tomorrow... hopefully they reset all activations.



So are Sony going to deactivate your account? How did you get them to do that, I've been emailing them for months and they don't think its possible for someone to have activated 5 accounts without gamesharing. Can you tell me what you sent them?

inveni02781d ago

I'm on my fourth PS3, but only because I own three. My original 60GB Fat YLODed, and so did its replacement. So now I have two slims and a 60GB Fat that doesn't work sitting in my closet until I decide to fix it or sell it.

gaffyh2781d ago

phew, I was kinda worried when I heard the conference stream, cos I'm on my 2nd PS3.

DWOM2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

account activation limits really suck...

outwar60102781d ago

im on my 4th sony really don't consoles like they used to i had my ps2 for a good 11 years before i decided to sell it

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egidem2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I understand this, but what if (in my case) you bought a new PS3 WHILE the network was down?

Speaking of backups, I managed to do a full backup on the original PS3 before it died on me. 57 GB of game installs, save files, demos etc. I got a new slim, put in a 500 GB HDD and restored.

Right away I noticed that the restore process was only taking 2 minutes...2 minutes to copy 57 GB?!? That's not right. I was kind of disappointed to see that after the restore process, each and everything I had purchased, downloaded or installed to the PS3 from the PSN or retail disc games wasn't there. Turns out it would have worked ONLY on the same PS3 that I downloaded on, aka the one that died.

Even worse, some game save files don't work. I was just like 10-20 minutes away from platinuming inFamous for the trophy of purchasing all positive karma. inFamous keeps reporting the error that I cannot load the save file as it was created by someone else. I did, but I think the error means "a different PS3". Shit, now I have to do it all over again!!

Now, this raises one question. With the new PS3 cloud save system, does it work with the infamous save files? Has anyone actually tried this?

Prototype2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

The way a friend of mine did it, he did the system link transfer using a cross over ethernet cable which took some time but it did work with taking all his data over to the new ps3.

With the cloud storage I can vouch 100% those saves work no matter where you go as long as your accounts are activated on the other PS3's. Speaking of which I better deactivate the other systems before its too late...

But yes if you do cloud storage they do work on another console, just make sure you pay attention to the warning on some of the saves where it says you may have to wait 24 hours before accessing them again (meaning if you want to upload/download the saves you have to wait).

Edit - What wouldn't hurt if you upload trophy data just incase

jack_burt0n2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

that is not good news, I am in same situation but backed up everything with the cloud as I was lazy and now the psn is down lol I am hours and hours into so many damn games.............

edit: thanks proto

joffa812782d ago

I would like to know that as well !!!
My 60gb ps3 died last Friday while psn was down and i didn't get my data saved. so now as my old console won't switch on due to ylod I can't access my account.on my currently only activated console. There is rumours going Round that you will be able to verify via email but only once psn is fully up and running and Sony reckon this could take weeks. I hope I'm not going go be stuck without being able to access my psn account on my new console just because Sony failed to secure thing correctly on the first place.

If that is the case I will be really angry especially after investing in a new console and putting more money into Sony to be screwed over by not being able to recover my psn account .

Bargu2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

As an added layer of security, that password can only be changed on the same PS3 in which that account was activated, >>>or through validated email confirmation<<<, a critical step to help further protect customer data.

learn to read

Redempteur2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

the restore backup system is a restore meant to be used on the same PS3 ...the license system sony uses ( both on PS3 & PSP ) require both the account & the console ID to work .. that's why you can't copy the game to another ps3 ( otherwise anybody could trade games easily )

To do a FULL backup to another system , you have to use the LAN CABLE option .. the backup option will AT BEST restore some properties of your accounts (PSN) and you'll have to go online and get the file from PSN afterwards .

The backup system is meant to work if you keep the same PS3 .. i upgraded from a 60gb hard drive to a 250gb hard drive and i used the bakup system and got everything back BECAUSE I KEPT THE SAME CONSOLE..

FACTUAL evidence2782d ago

Yes ps cloud does work with infamous. Only games that don;t work is enchanted arms, and afrika...everything else works.

egidem2781d ago

Thanks a lot for all the responses!


I would have done the same thing. It (PS3) had begun slowing down, restarting every now and then and crashing from the game to the XMB. At first I thought that it was a bad disc or something.

Every game would soon start crashing on me. Some people suggested formatting the HDD but this didn't solve the problems, even if I reset the PS3 to the factory settings. So during this whole process I took the opportunity to do a full backup just in case it would die on me at any moment. I didn't have a new PS3 at hand so I couldn't use the LAN cable method :(. The next day, it rolled over and REALLY played dead.

Exactly one week later at one sunny morning, I went to Bestbuy and bought myself a PS3 slim (killzone 3 bundle), precisely on the same day that the PSN went down (spectacular timing!).

So now I've got all these demos, minis, game downloads and lots of game installs that will only work on the Dead PS3. Here's what I'll try once PSN is back up-

1) Activate my PSN ID to work with the new PS3 slim.
2) Once I've successfully done that, I'll try to see whether I can use the inFamous save files.
3) If not, I'll upload them to the cloud, wait 24 hours and download them again. (should hopefully work).
4) If all else fails, then just replay the game (this would be annoying because of the time consumption needed to do this). One trophy left, I can't just let it slide!

Redempteur2781d ago


your BEST BET is to activate your Previous PSN account.

and then to redownload everything

as for the saves they should work once the account is activated with the restore backup ( i'm assuming you've already did that )

egidem2781d ago

@Redempteur -

Yep I did. I still have the backup as well. I'm going to wait and see what happens after I activate the account, once PSN is back online that is. Thanks!

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2782d ago
blumatt2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Thanks goodness!! I don't have my original 40GB Phat PS3. I've got one of them hot new models, Slim 120GB.

GoldPS32782d ago

I got one of those hot new models too but she got more junk in the trunk than yours do.

gamingdroid2782d ago

Ironically you are calling it "hot", when it really is the new "cool" slim PS3....

thorstein2782d ago

Why was this an issue when they said you could reset it with your valid email acct?

Duxer2782d ago

Because people want to jump right in the action.

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