DC Universe Online to merge servers

Sony Online Entertainment has announced it will merge all of its DC Universe Online servers into four “super servers”.

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Godmars2902760d ago

They save money on servers?

If they aren't crowing about people playing in a few months, then likely this will have been sign of a bad thing.

soundslike2760d ago

not enough people on some of the servers, ghost town vibes.

now it will get back to actually being somewhat populated for people

Reibooi2760d ago

Most times this is a bad thing(unless the game has been out forever in which is just a money saver) But a game as new as this having to merge servers means either they launched with to many servers and are now needing to merge them. Or there are to many players quitting and they need to merge the servers so the game doesn't seem like a ghost town.

Personally I haven't followed this game at all so I have no idea which one of those it is. I have no friends who play it and I have quite a few MMO manic friends but that doesn't mean anything either. I'm sure the game has it's player base and it's balanced out and they are just merging servers to make the game a more enjoyable experience.

oddexarcadia2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

They are merging servers mainly because of the queue times for PVP matches and when you are queuing up alone for an instance.
There has always been a gripe in the community about the time spent in queues. So the slow trickle of people who have been dropping from it since their free month was up only exacerbates the queuing problem.
There is still a "medium" population across the servers, though not all of them are queuing up alone or for PVP.

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soundslike2760d ago

its a bit of both. Too many servers, which didn't help the second issue of people quitting.

Its a fun game if you're focused on pvp, but the open world pvp got bland because there wasn't enough people around. After this there should be plenty of league rumbles going on.

Still, not enough pve content to keep me subbed for now, but I'll probably come back to it, it does action-rpg-pvp quite well.

Soldierone2759d ago

If it wasn't a pay to play plan id already own a copy and be playing it daily...

Bnet3432760d ago

It means not that many people are playing on servers so they merge them to make a server populated and not seem empty.

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kratos1232760d ago

that sounds.........super

Ser2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Well done!

kevnb2760d ago

Sign that people are quitting. Game gets boring really quick, not surprised.

clintos592760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Not really, I have a created hero for every pvp server & there are always alot of heroes & villains on. U always meet newcomers aswell, i been playing DCUO since its launch & I still havent finished the game. There is just so much to do & they always add new content every month. For me it is alot funner now then it was when i first played since i really understand how to play an mmo now since DCUO is my first mmo. I love this game & will continue to support it aslong as it is around to play.

Edit: Disagrees for being honest. Hey do yourself a favor & buy the game for your pc or buy a ps3. I know it sux when u cant play it but i guess u can always go back to being the controller lol.

Simon_Brezhnev2760d ago

i didnt disagree i hate being a hero i like being a villian. I had like 3 tier 2 pieces, a full tier 1 set, and like 4 tier 2 weapons. My problem with the game is if your a villain it gets boring im sick of doing Raids and Alerts fighting Villains i wanna fight heroes. until they add raids where i fight a lot of heroes im not subscribing

despair2760d ago

People are misreading what they said, they are not merging the servers, they are melding all into 4 super servers(US PS3, US PC, EU PS3, EU PC). Meaning for queued up group and other events there will be cross server queuing so more people will get into them and faster. At least thats what me and others over at DCUOsource got out of the short statement.

Apparently there's something like it in WoW as well? Its a good idea when you think about it. Also it makes no sense to have 1 server per region/platform alone, killing off so many other so fast. Also how do you have test on it on the PC if its a merge? Its cross server event play.

soundslike2760d ago

Not to sound like a douche, but thats way more of an assumption than an actual merge.

"This will allow for more opportunities to queue AND participate in *other group related game mechanics*"

if all they were doing is cross server queue, then would definitely not have used the wording they did.

despair2759d ago

maybe but it seems illogical to reduce the servers all the way to 1 each region and per platform, that's pretty drastic even with the massive pop loss.

WildArmed2760d ago

I thought they were merging PC/Ps3 servers lol

oddexarcadia2760d ago

I understand your disappointment.
The legion I run with is part of a large gaming community. We have some international players. So we first thought it meant we were going to get to play with our British bros.

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