Top 10: Things that would make Street Fighter 4 great

Platforms have yet to be announce but Pro-G details its own Top 10 things that will make Street Fighter 4 great. Read on, get excited and start practicing those Hadoukens.

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Lt Roy Mustang4073d ago

I agreed with them, 2D is what makes SF so bad ass so theres is no need to make it 3D. there to many 3Ds already. lets keep this one special Capcom.

marinelife94073d ago

How about actual block animations.

Kotaku4073d ago

This is a kick in the nuts to MK series if they release same time around,
They both great but ST all the way!

Genki4072d ago

died with the disaster that was MK4. What on EARTH were they thinking? 3 was classic, 4 was an utter disaster, and they haven't recovered since...IMO MK's biggest blows have been to themselves. There isn't much room for Capcom to bury them further if you ask me. At least whatever they offer next can presumably just be better.

Bloodmask4073d ago

would never make a Street Fighter Game 3-D. Maybe a spin off but not an actual main game in the series. I have complete faith in them. Capcom and SNK have always been the king of fighting games development.

If Street Fighter 4 was 3-D I think the fans would be truly disappointed.

Skerj4073d ago

Can we get a little CPS4 love? I'm hoping a mixture of Rumble Fish 2/High res 2D with like 2x the animation frames of 2I.

Bloodmask4073d ago

You impress me with your knowledge of the Capcom arcade boards. It is a shame that the CPS3 was not used in many arcade games. Only a handful.

If Capcom designed a CPS4 the FPS for the animations would be insane. I think Capcom should stick with Hi-res 2D art work. But I think they will go with a 2.5D and make the backgrounds 3-D a la Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

I only hope they do not go over the top with the Super Moves in SF4 as it would take away from the old style gameplay of the series.

Skerj4073d ago

There was an interview a few years ago on IGN with early SFIV details. They said the gameplay would remain 2D with some 3d elements. So your 2.5d hypothesis might very well be correct. We were guessing it'd have something to do with either the stages, dodging, or maybe some kind of depth block. That was the only reason I had hope it was coming, that and the Streetfighter Site remained oddly up to date these past few months. I guess we have to wait until tomorrow when Capcom finally answers questions for us.

HeartlesskizZ4073d ago

I never owned a ST game but this could be the first one =)

mighty_douche4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

dude, your dead to me....

just kiddy, by seriously if your thinking about getting SF4 i recomenned picking up a copy or your gonna get ya ass handed to you.

capcom Vs SNK 2 is a great game, you could probably get a copy off ebay for a few $$$.

Zhuk4073d ago

Keep it 2d and make sure it is able to reach its full potential by being developed on the Xbox 360 especially with the Xbox 360s superior online features it will have the oppurtunity to be the best Street Fighter yet

AllroundGamer4073d ago

you mean the superior online features, for that you have to pay for and on PC/PS3 not? like online play? :D you are a true ignore collector...

Que8134073d ago

dont agree, but bubble for your avy, sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.