PS3Home: What To Do If You Are a Victim of The PSN Hacks

"Sony have confirmed that their Playstation Network, used for downloading games films and online content for Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable consoles, suffered an “intrusion” by hackers on April 20th."

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leogets2732d ago

oh god another article identical to the thousands i read last week.old news people. u get me.

tehpees32731d ago

I think they would catch whoever did it anyway. its too major a problem to be ignored

jke822731d ago

If all they got were name and address and email address then where is this your saying with basic info that most people can get from facebook/the regular old yellow pages, that they can steal my identity...........right...... at most you might get extra spam and junkmail..OOOHH NOOO, another no name site takeing advantage of sensationalist journalisim....really.....peop le fill out contest forms with more info just for a free t-shirt, trust me i know from experience

Focker4202732d ago

There aren't any victims. No identities have been stolen as a result.

Warprincess1162732d ago

No-one gone to be a victim because the hackers didn't get to that info.

Falaut2731d ago

They've gone to plaid!

jke822731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

ludicrous speed GO!!!!!!

++bubs for the great reference

Falaut2731d ago

lol, thanks, didn't think anyone would get that.

Ninjamonkey822731d ago

Can N4G control the stem of these Articiles

jke822731d ago

if you look at the link at the top of the page for the story there is a plus sign click on that and vote the site down like u would a commenter...never heard of this ps3home site...another wannabe big site blogger that spews fanboy crap

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