Video Game Warzone #127

PSN is…still down
Harry Potter
Fast & Furious
E3 ramping up
Madden 12
Portal DLC
Uncharted 3 mp footage


Gang Starr
“The Militia”
Moment Of Truth

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NYC_Gamer2757d ago

one of the best podcast about gaming

Mnemonic-DK2756d ago

I don't think so - The audio quality is usually horrible, but even worse is the content.

"Batman, Motherf*****" gets old, very, very quick and the rest is usually someone stating something or other and then Davis explaining to that someone why he is wrong in a patronizing way.

I have tried listening to the podcast several times, and each time was a repeat of the above.

I see that #130 will be the final show - I will not be missing it.

DominicanNinja2756d ago

this is like the time they announced the last season of lost. it will truly be a sad day for warzone fans

2756d ago