Gone But Not Forgotten: 8 RPGs That Need To Make A Comeback

Gaming Irresponsibly's Agentxk writes: The classics, we all love them but oddly enough, time seems to have based some of our favorite RPGs by. We took a look at some of our favorite RPGs of old that we would love to see revived on the current or next gen systems

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Dart892697d ago

Why no love for Legend Of Dragoon?

Peaceful_Jelly2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I played and beat Legend of Dragoon last year and beside being nostalgically good, nothing really stands out. Story is really crappy, graphics are your standard overused pre-rendered backgrounds of the time and gameplay is nothing more than FF's ATB with a gimmick button time pressing and random battles. There are no side-quests or mini-games, very little exploration and the game is as linear as a straight line. Very light RPG for n00bs but still a mediocre game just like FFXIII.

Compared to the list of the author LoD is nothing. And BTW Sony owns the Wild Arms IP... Just saying, maybe this could deceive the incoming disagreers. lol

hay2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

If you'd play it 11 years ago, it was stellar RPG with great visuals, enjoyable storyline and fun gameplay.

solideagle12696d ago

do not play these games as of today...but try to feel these games when they were first released just like Hay said 11 years ago game cant be compared with FF XIII.


Istanbull2696d ago

The Legend of Dragoon and Xenogears are one of the best rpgs of all time! These games had a really deep story.

I'm glad he put in Terranigma and Illusion of Gaia, those are really great rpgs too!

agentxk2697d ago

I tried to keep this one to series. Although it isn't forgotten. I have something in mind for those gems

blitz0x2697d ago

Great writeup I want to see more installments of everything listed!

newn4gguy2696d ago

I'm sad we'll probably never see another Earthbound or even port, due to licensing issues.

Dreassic2696d ago

"Why no love for Legend Of Dragoon?"

Because that was not really anythign special, especially compared to the ones they mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.