What are Cole and Zeke up to now that the PSN is down? presents: Cole and Zeke (seemingly inseparable pals from the first InFAMOUS until, well, *SPOILER* the latter betrayed the former) are rather bored at the moment. You see, the recent PSN downtime has prevented gamers from participating in the InFAMOUS 2 UGC (User Generated Content) beta, thus forcing Cole and Zeke to explore New Marais on their own. But the fragile friendship they now have due to events that transpired in Empire City, has made them both quite paranoid of the other. Just watch their NSFW antics:

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Dante1122732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Can't wait to play the Infamous 2 beta when I get my free 30 day PS+ deal.

HebrewHammer2732d ago

You know, thats a great point. I forgot that all PS+ subscribers will eventually get access to the beta, but they can't possibly allow ALL the new-coming PS+ members in, can they? Hmmmmm....

LOGICWINS2732d ago

LMAO, I saw episode 60 this morning. Hilarious =D

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