Marvel Universe Revealed as Free-to-Play: Alarm Bells Ring

At a recent event in San Francisco, Gazillion, the developers of Marvel Universe the upcoming Marvel based MMO, revealed that it will be a free-to-play game. I’m now quickly starting to get very worried about the game. - PureDarkness

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TheStonedSheep2783d ago

I think that being free-to-play will help the game grow and I'm sure they have investors behind it who have given it enough capital.

Lirky2783d ago

cant create your own experience you will be wolverine, partying up with 4 other wolverines.

Whats the fun in that when ucant create your own hero for free.

maxcavsm2782d ago

That is a bit lame; I guess we'll see how it all goes down. Fingers crossed!