Kaleb’s Korner: Portal 1 Full Playthrough

Something different from a Call of Duty playthrough: I recorded and live commentated the entirety of the first Portal in a single sitting and I ended up with something pretty funny. This walkthrough contains some failure, a couple of huge jumps, some epic turret kills and contemplation of what directions elevators go. - Kaleb

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AmigoSniped2756d ago

I wonder when we will get a portal 2 commentary

PureDarkness2756d ago

Nice to go back to such a classic

maxcavsm2756d ago

Not too shabby, decent commentary.

aaabbbccc43242755d ago

this is a good game and also different in a good way, i just wish it was longer

CommonSense2755d ago

why would anyone want to watch someone else play through a game and talk the whole time when they could just play it themselves?

additionally, why would anyone care about some random dude's commentary? the only commentary i wanna hear is from the people that made the game.

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