10 Faces in Gaming You Wouldn’t Want to See in a Dark Alley [PICS]

"There is always a comfortable barrier in gaming. No matter how seemingly invulnerable or freaky ass an enemy or situation is, you always know escape is only as far as the power button. Even though some of these entries are scary enough in their own right, here are ten faces in gaming that would freak the hell out of you if you met them for real in a dark alley."

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cyborg2757d ago

is that display image. Damn. I'm weak at heart, would pass.

Blad3star2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Would hate to buck up on these guys in a dark alley

Solid_Snake-2757d ago

i take it these guys never played amnesia: dark decent.

jack_burt0n2757d ago

Is that pic jim i like pies sterling!?!!??!!

That really is a disgusting thing to look at.

Zydake2757d ago

Looked like my monster i created in LBP lol

crystalnova20042757d ago

Just thinking of pac man in a real life situation has made me laugh, and cry a little bit

RahatR2757d ago

God dammnit that face!


No Amnesia The Dark Descent =/.

SolidStoner2757d ago

I wouldn't want to see any gaming related characters in dark alley!!

Takoulya2757d ago

I would definitely. Lara Croft would be one of my choices.

SolidStoner2757d ago

you just got lucky, she is real (at least you could dress her right) :)

I bet you wouldn't, undress only mode :D

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The story is too old to be commented.