Sony apologizes: a little late?

Many a relationship is held together by apologies. Somehow, acknowledging your own frailty, your own humanity makes you just a little more lovable.

Which is why it is strange that Sony, after a calamitous breach of its security systems, took 10 days before standing before its public and saying: "We're sorry."

According to Venture Beat, Sony executive Kaz Hirai attended a press event Sunday and immediately apologized. The personal details of around 10 million gamers have been stolen and there are already reports of credit cards having been illegitimately used.

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Dee_912664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I would prefer they get the facts straight then tell the consumers rather than telling consumers what they THINK the issue is the minute it happened

DatNJDom812664d ago

cnet just shut the f**k up.

MaxXAttaxX2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

They have some of the most biased track records.

Sony not only apologizes, but improves their entire system and compensate every customer for their trouble.
Yeah, let's take our focus away from the people that cause the issues in the first place, CNET /s

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farhad2k82664d ago

As a PS3 owner, i dont need an apology from Sony.
I want an apology from the person who breached in to the Network. I wish you do endless time in prison.. or just chop off your fingers to see how you use a keyboard. :D

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barb_wire2664d ago

Not at all - here in TX the State Comptroller finally admitted that 3.5mil peoples' personal data (including SSN's were compromised)

Only took her 1 YEAR to tell the people involved. My wife included..

So, considering what's happened - Sony was quite on top of it

KurdGamer2664d ago Show
Jezuz2664d ago

Cnet is just stupid. It's an apology, what more do you want ?

squallheart2664d ago

i feel as if for the past two weeks fox news has been approving all these articles.

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Dart892664d ago Show
Peaceful_Jelly2664d ago

OMG, they complain about everything!

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blackburn52664d ago

Sony apologized but i don't know why they bothered.They didn't owe you squat and could have easily said so and moved on.

Llednar2664d ago

That's an excellent attitude that you have there.

I'm sure that you get used a lot.

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