WWE Extreme Rules 2011 PPV SmackDown VS Raw Simulation [HD]

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 matches simulated with SmackDown VS Raw 2011 AI. The matches are as accurate as the game will allow with it's extensive options. The Matches are in HD and are unedited. Including Michelle McCool VS Layla (Loser Leaves WWE).

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I would have wished developers would have put in the ability to throw weapons on top of a steel cage. For example, in a match such as Hell in a Cell. That would've have made WWE games perfect.

Zydake2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Christian gets the title you didn't know?

Whoops i didn't bother seeing the video nor te results of the actual match sorry ..

fnjimmy2511d ago

It's not wrong. It's an AI simulation/prediction. Like how they do Madden's with the Superbowl. Don't be a Jimmy

princeofthabay2511d ago

the prediction was that alberto would win and he lost so it was wrong.get it?

rabidpancakeburglar2511d ago

Looks like these games have hardly changed since I stopped playing them with SDvsR 2008

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2511d ago

I think here comes the pain was the last installment I enjoyed. I think that was right before they changed the gameplay, as far as the controls which were always what I liked about them. The new control style just seems too complex and a pain in the ass to learn.

Zydake2511d ago

All stars is good try it out or play the demo

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2511d ago

ill try the demo when the psn comes back up, its getting better reviews than I imagined it would. is it like the old fighting game made back in the 90's where the undertaker smashed people with tombstones style play or is it more wrestling oriented?

Zydake2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Actually i thought i was going to flop but i bought it to take a risk and i actually like it. This game seems to be more about fun like making moves to reversal moves to flying attacks and stuff check out some gameplay since psn isnt up

AdmiralSnake2511d ago

Here Comes the Pain, Shut your mouth, and also SVR 2008 was the best in the franchise... this just looks lame. I love the games because it was simple and fun.... oh well....

goukijones2511d ago

Thanks for the comments. The game needs work, but it's still cool that you can set all of this up.

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