Coming up For PlayStation Plus in May 2011

Here's what was confirmed for PlayStation Plus before the PSN hack occurred, will better content be released instead?

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Omegabalmung2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Hopefully they have 2 weeks worth of stuff.

Looking forward to getting Outland.

Edit: Nvm what I said about the 2 weeks

"The US update (originally meant for April 26th) follows, but bear in mind that the treats are staggered over a few weeks usually, rather than having a single big update"

Joni-Ice2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Im just looking forward to seeing friends online. First game I will play is Socom 4. What game will you play first online?

Omegabalmung2668d ago

Same here, I was able to get only 10 rounds of classic suppression off before PSN went down.

gaffyh2668d ago

I hope they give an FF for free, it would probably be the only time where a PS1 classic would suffice for me.

dkgshiz2668d ago

Agreed. I played like 3 hours of Socom 4 then it shut down. Of course I'm working Mon-Friday from 5a.m-7p.m so I can only play on the weekend.

whothedog2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat, maybe some Killzone 3.

WildArmed2668d ago

I'll be playing Kz3.
I just got it the day before PSN went down.
I was very disappointed because I never went online.
was playing the SP (which sucked btw)

Thou most of my friends are itching to get online and play some SOCOM 4 co-op/comp.

Commander_TK2668d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas! Been wanting to try that out.

WhittO2668d ago

Uncharted 2, only just bought the DLCs haha.

TheLastGuardian2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

LBP2, I miss it so much. I'm sure all this PSN downtime has allowed LBP2's creators to make some amazing new games and levels. There will be plenty of new levels to play once PSN goes back online.

I'm going to use my free month of Plus to buy Outland and Funky Lab Rat at a discount.

Elwenil2668d ago

Looking forward to playing some BC2 with my friends. Should be interesting to see how many still have their edge, lol.

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metsgaming2668d ago

I already have SOR2, come on sega how about not releasing the same thing over and over. I think it will even be in their new collection, most of which will be the same games from their last colletion !

DigitalAnalog2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I'm gonna start off Demon's Souls again once the PSN is online. As for Portal 2, I regretfully bought the game too late to redeem the PC version (yeah, it sucks). But the DTS surround was worth it, definitely the forefront runner for GOTY. Uncharted 3, Gears 3, ME3 are gonna suffer from LBP2's: Bigger, better but lower score syndrome.

-End statement

Vherostar2667d ago

Why do US get 2 games? They get updates quicker so usually get less with each update..

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LoneWanderer092668d ago

Looking forward to all of this stuff

Trey_4_life2668d ago

Good to see sony back on track, i am highly anticipating PSN coming back online.

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JMyers2668d ago

I just want back my PSN :(

iamnsuperman2668d ago

TV super stars. EU gets it bad. Not sure why they do not release the same games in US and in the EU.

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