Top ten video game foods

Leet rounds up ten of the best video game foods to boost your energy and reactions.

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jeseth2781d ago

Fish? What the . . . oh, and I can't stand the ________'s that eat chips while playing online multiplayer in a mic.

My Top Ten

1. Sam Adams Boston Lager (or other styles of Sam)
2. Guinness (Mostly my cold weather gaming beer)
3. Other personal favorites (Long Trail, Berkshire Brewing Company, Dogfish Head, Newcastle, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, etc. etc.)
4. Diet Mountain Dew
5. Coke Zero
6. Zero Carb Monster
7. Merlot
8. Cabernet
9. Coffee
10. Gummy Worms

I'm mostly a liquid person . . . Can't do the heavy junk foods while sitting on my butt, makes me feel like ass. Either a good brew, wine, or diet soda is all I take in.

guitarded772781d ago

Dude, the chips drive me crazy... that and people with a screaming baby in the background. Oh, and people who have their TV's too loud or listen to music. Just play the damn game people!

1 and 2 are good pics... I like to game with Guinness during the winter. It's already getting to close to 100 degrees here in south Texas, so I've switched up to Heineken for the warm weather.

jeseth2781d ago

Hahaha....I'm up in Rhode Island so its not quite that warm (75 degrees today).

But I'm with you all the way.

B00M2781d ago

You English? Gotta be with a list like that.

metsgaming2781d ago

cake is a lie don't you know that !

BlmThug2781d ago

Dont Eat While Gaming Because Its A Distraction For Me

metsgaming2781d ago

yea plus the controller gets greasy and its annoying when that happens.

Stewie2k82781d ago

hmmm sometimes i forget to eat while im playing :P then i get too hungry and start doing bad.

Foxgod2781d ago

Had a large pizza yesterday, i kind of felt sorry about eating it cause it made me nauseous.
Next time il order a medium....

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