Uncharted 3’s Visual Evolution Is Phenomenal

"Those guys at Naughty sure do know the ins and outs of the PlayStation 3 pretty well. With each and every Uncharted game they develop, the visual boundaries spreads more and more. The change was pretty obvious from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to the 2009 game of the year Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Many thought that Naughty Dog has maxed out the PlayStation 3 and this is as far as the black beauty can go. But with our latest screenshot comparison, things proved to be otherwise."

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news4geeks2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

yeah he's let himself go. Fat mess these days.

p.s. can definitely see the graphical improvement

Trey_4_life2783d ago

the graphical improvement is huge, naughty dog once again showing what can be done on the PS3.

Dee_912783d ago

I know I said that the jump between UC2 and UC3 wont be as great as UC1 to UC2
but after looking at Sully ...

holy s#17!!

kikizoo2783d ago

"naughty dog once again showing what can be done ONLY on the PS3. "

great team, great game.

jeseth2783d ago

Yeah, Drake needs to hit the gym!

The difference is incredible in Sully's character model. WOW.

zeeshan2783d ago

It should say Forehead and not forehand!

OnTopic: Well, this game looks more than amazing. It looks PS4 stuff! Wait a second... imagine! What they'd be able to do with PS4!!!!!!

arjman2783d ago

At least he hasn't turned into Donut Drake yet

sikbeta2782d ago

Simply Amazing, I can't wait to play U3...

HappyGaming2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )


Edit: I know its a little weird but a haircut change for one of the characters would be really cool... like if Elena had a different hairstyle that made he look different... it would add to the realism that this are real characters and years have passed things may have changed!!

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LoaMcLoa2783d ago

C'mon, man D: I don't wanna be reminded by death in a gamingsite

superduper2783d ago

Or, come on gaming bolt..when i will see this in-game then i will be amazed...

i saw nothing special from latest Uncharted 3multiplayer trailer...gears 3 multi beta is better.

Uncharted 3 have amazing art design..but from technical point of view is is became not so top notch as is was in Uncharted 2 in 2008.

zeeshan2783d ago

What? First you said, you'd wait to see the in-game graphics before you praise the game and then are you are declaring that from a technical point of view, the game is not top-notch ala Uncharted 2? Sorry but your comment is a big FAIL!

IcarusOne2782d ago

It's easy to praise screenshots, and they do look impressive. But I'm really excited to see some 720p footage of the game in action.

HappyGaming2782d ago

LoaMcLoa don't worry dude... you will respawn :P

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Axonometri2783d ago

Like all good things, better with age. Considering I am same age as Drake.. I have to defend.. us. :P

Maddens Raiders2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

both UC2 and UC3 look great! I had to do a dbl take at times.. haha..

the biggest difference to me was the last one of the city/village.

J_Cob2782d ago

Ya'll forgetting with age comes wisdom, and a low metabolism.

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mafia_pc2783d ago ShowReplies(9)
Klaykid1232783d ago

Anyone notice that, in the first pic, his nose is a lot smaller?

Looks good! (not just the nose thing... Everything else.)


@mafia_pc ....I am also a Troll but i gotta admit ur form of Trolling is Grade A and it makes me look like an Amateur.

user98412882783d ago

you have to believe in yourself...

Klaykid1232783d ago

I'm not trolling..? That was a serious post.

evrfighter2783d ago

well done Mafia. complete dominance in your game.

back on topic

Nothing phenomenal lol , it's look like uncharted 2 ...

blaziliuz122782d ago

why is almost everyone replying to mafia,replying to klaykid? 0.0

mac_sparrow2782d ago

It's blackboijones and evrfighter, you expect them to be able to manage simple tasks?

humbleopinion2782d ago

Well, Didn't you read the actual comments?
Their ability to actually hit the correct "reply" button directly correlates to their ability to actually write a comprehensive reply. That's N4G for ya...

AuToFiRE2783d ago

wow, huge difference from just a couple years

TechnicalBS2782d ago

Maybe in a couple of years from now, graphics will look better, too.

Wishful thinking, maybe?

mafia_pc2783d ago Show