Why Project Café Won't Wind Up Like the Dreamcast

Joe from Bits n Bytes Gaming looks back to explain why Nintendo's console isn't doomed to the same fate as Sega's last foray into videogame hardware.

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Istanbull2784d ago

Dreamcast>Wii, in terms of games

JoeBNB2784d ago

They both have a lot of really great games, but I'd agree: Phantasy Star Online, Jet Grind Radio, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Power Stone 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Skies of Arcadia are totally in the Dreamcast's favor. And I'm a huge Nintendo fan.

Solid_Snake-2784d ago

if it does end up like the dreamcast quality wise i would be more than happy to buy it.

Temporary_Name2784d ago

You can't be serious? Nintendo Wii is far far better than any SEGA console ever released.

DocHoliday2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventures 1 & 2, Armada, Sonic Shuffle, Worms World Party, Revolt, NBA Showtime, Evolution world of sacred device. Just to add to ur list. Not to mention it's ability to play Ps1 games with a bootup disc.

VampiricDragon_2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I dont agree The wii had better first party titles and better rpg titles (both didnt have alot but dreamcast didnt have anything like last story, xenoblade, super paper mario, tales of graces, shiren, ect).

Blad3star2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sony's PS2 killed the Dream Cast but they are not in the same postion of domanance that they were in that era.

Sony had all the 3rd party studios on the lock and did not have enough $$$$$$$$ to pull them away like MS.

trancefreak2784d ago

I liked the dreamcast I still have mine in prestige condition.

I was saddened by the demise of sega and the dreamcast it was definitally something special.

The wii well to me its just a boring paper weight personally.

Too many others the wii serves as a uniqe gaming experience with a lot of great games. Its just not for me.

I dont think project cafe will be a let down! I think it will be an instant hit. A lot of gamers want something new innovative and to those die hard Nintendo fans they wont resist.

Blad3star2784d ago

Will give $200 for your Dream Cast and $5 for each game.

trancefreak2784d ago

Ive seen them cheap on eBay unless they are a rarity these days.

I have 1 controller the console and I think gauntlet still. Missing the av/rf cable I use to have a universal one.

Its right next to my nes. I have that zelda gold cartridge game which I think has a battery in it lol.

If your serious msg me but I dont think 200 is right. I think you can get them for like 40 bucks last time i checked.

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Brash_Attack2784d ago

If you don't want Project Cafe to end up like the Dreamcast, don't make the games so easily downloaded. With the Dreamcast you didn't even need to mod it or anything. Just download and burn to a CD-R. I was able to do it when I was 11.

JoeBNB2784d ago

I completely forgot about that. A guy at my high school used to sell games to people for $10.

Rumor is, though, that Nintendo will be using Blu-Ray discs in order to combat piracy.

Brash_Attack2784d ago

That's be a smart move. Not only to go against piracy, but to truly be a "next gen" console. It has to at least match the PS3 if not be better than it. I think Nintendo is really going to step their shit up.

fossilfern2784d ago

I hope they use blu ray or some other type of high capacity format. DVD is too small for todays games and id love to see another massive Metroid game in 1080p and finaly have true Dolby Digital sound !

trancefreak2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Well if they are going with a multimedia device with updated tech blu ray only makes sense unless for some odd reason they use another media device.

I think for all future consoles blu ray should be standard until another format is adopted.

Mike134nl2784d ago

Not a big fan of current disc based media (blu-ray, DVD etc). Since the design is rumored too have a snes design. I really hope they are going to use some kind of "cartridge"/sd-card medium.

Kran2784d ago

Technically though, you cant judge that. Nothing REAL has been shown of Project Cafe. The only things we know is what's been rumored and that it'll be shown at E3 and gets a 2012 release date.

Rybakov2784d ago

because even tho the dreamcast was amazing they couldn't compete whereas all Nintendo has to do is say new Mario and everyone comes running back everytime

Thepro3182784d ago

I want Nintendo to come hard this time . Like SUPER NES N64 hard . I wish they sign a studio that make perfect dark style FPS for Nintendo. Please nintendo give Mario an Link voices jeez,

InLaLaLand2784d ago

Yeah the N64 days were good, the gamecube wasn't bad, the support for it was not good due to the disc capacity (although cartridges for the N64 turned away a few devs).

The Dreamcast in terms of gaming was great, I never owned one but Power Stone was a great fighting game.

soundslike2784d ago

perfect dark was made by rare, which is now owned by microsoft making kinect sports...w000 capitalism!

other guys from rare ended up making timesplitters and now work for crytek

in short: I wish.

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