Where now for the next-gen consoles?

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The Wii and PS3 have been on sale since 2006, and the Xbox 360 is even older: it shipped in late 2005. So what's next?

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fluffydelusions2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I think a lot depends on what Nintendo brings to the table and when it is released. We already know the 720 and a new Kinect is in development from job postings and I'm sure PS4 is also in the works. If Nintendo starts eating into the hardcore market with their next console, MS and Sony are likely to bring something out a bit sooner to avoid loss of user base. BTW, title needs editing.

limewax2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I just want more RAM, Nothing more, I know the CPU will be an upgrade too, but provided the RAM isnt skimped on there will be loads of breathing room for devs, Especially with the optimisation skills they have learned this gen

kyl2772758d ago

Everything needs an upgrade, more ram won't do s*** if they still used the same 5 year old GPU in the ps3.

alex33692758d ago

you obviously dont understand hardware if all you think is really important is more ram lol

limewax2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I dont mean just stick in more RAM and have done with lol, I probably should have explained myself better, The RAM has always been low considering the rest of the parts of the consoles.

I wish to see more RAM as an overall ratio, more of a balance of power, Not a stupid amount of RAM, just something that complements the system more. Sorry if that came off wrong

cooperdnizzle2758d ago

Not the only thing, but a very important thing to have is ram. So i agree with you and disagree. But i will have to say, the ps3 and 360 should have came out with at least a gig of ram. Not this 512 bullshit. My computer has 16 gigs of ram. And the console don't even have a gig. Wow. At the time they released that wasn't even adjudicate. So i do feel ya on that. More ram will be very nice. With some other major upgrades.

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Oldman1002758d ago

Right under my tv by my ps3 and 360 :p

nickjkl2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

thats going to be alot of heat

you should move the x box to another room

for peservation purposes

leogets2758d ago

hes right you move that xbox right away unless u wana keep ya feet warm i dont know ;)

jwk942758d ago

Or just throw both of em away or give em to charity...what's the point in still having em if you have the next-gen version that'll most likely be BC?

leogets2758d ago

obviously the wii 2 was due as the 1st one wasnt a next gen console with poor nintendo ds graphics with a low res output. nintendo just knows they are way behind on the specs so what else ya meant to do.keep up or fall over and die.nintendo wont fall and die.

waterboy2758d ago

ps3s rsx is a no matter in ps3s graphics production we need no ps4

limewax2758d ago

PS3 is limited as every console is, maybe one part can outpace others, but if the others cant keep up, its of no use. There are many limitations on all consoles, The reason you have seen such progress on PS3 is due to an early lack of understanding of the architecture which ended years ago, and optimisation, I could explain many reasons that 360 and PS3 will always be on relatively level grounds with PS3 having the edge but I will just be de-bubbled for talking sense anyway

cooperdnizzle2758d ago

Don't agree with that. The ps3 is way more advanced then the 360~ Its all about the cell dude. 8 core spu. Vs a 3 core processor. That is why you can do more particle effects with the ps3, and more physics with it too. Not to mention it spreads the work load of the console. Way better built console than the xbox. for sure.

Masterchef20072758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


I agree with you that the PS3 has better hardware than the 360. In my opinion Microsoft screwed up with the 360s design because of all the hardware failures. But then again their engineers told them the console wasnt ready and they released it anyway to get a 1 year head start. Sony at least delayed the PS3 because of problems with the diods.


Yeah i know how you feel. I state that i like free multiplayer and i loose a bubble for it. N4G is really bizarre sometimes makes me wonder if the mods even read the trolling comments.

kyl2772758d ago

1.your sentence is REALLY hard to read

2. the rsx is NOT a good card, it was a mid range gpu when it came out and is now over 5 years old. the thing is ancient and the PS4 should have a MUCH better card as technology has moved pretty fast since then

death2smoochie2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

If the RSX inside the PS3 did not matter then why did Sony spend Millions to Nvidia for it and instead just have the Cell do the graphics alone and Save Sony all that money?
(This is a rhetorical question as we all know the answer already and you don't. However to aid in your cranium handicap with all things that make sense as you cant decipher a piece of dried bread from a I go)

The Cell Alone could not handle all the graphic calculations required for game rendering and pixel/vertex calculations, hence the reason Sony hired Nvidia to design a custom NV47 or 7800GTX variant to help out.
If it were not needed, Sony would have saved MILLIONS of dollars and just have the Cell do it all.
The Cell was not powerful enough to do it alone and is why Sony contracted Nvidia for help in this manner.


The Cell configuration has one Power processing element (PPE) on the core, with eight physical SPEs in silicon. Its not a full 8 Core CPU in any way shape or fashion

cooperdnizzle2755d ago

That is exactly what i said. 8 core SPE. Obliviously it is not 8 CPU'S. But i said SPU, but i meant SPE.

aaabbbccc43242758d ago

the ps4 should be released in november 2013 with a gtx 295, 14 gigs of RAM, 2 cell processors 16 core at a total of 100 GHZ and the next thing up from blu-ray

QuantumWake2758d ago

Christ have mercy...........


VampiricDragon_2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I cant wait for that 2000 dollar system

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