If Video Game Characters Could Switch Games

If game consoles allowed you to pluck a character out of one game and use them in another, what would be your first choice? What characters would you love to kick ass with in the universe of a totally different game? Which characters would you love to see destroyed by universes they just weren't designed to handle?

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pixelsword2784d ago

I would put Rico from Killzone to replace Baird's whiny behind from Gears.

Menech2784d ago

I would put a Dinosaur from Turok in place of my Mass Effect main character and fly around in my space ship saving the galaxy and making out with alien chicks.

rumplstilts2784d ago

I'd say Wabuffet from Pokemon switch with Snake from Metal Gear.

MaxXAttaxX2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

So are you saying I'll be able to catch Snake in Pokemon?
Or play as Wobbuffet in Metal Gear? (✓)

Motorola2784d ago

Id put Gordon Freeman and Solid Snake in like every game

MaxXAttaxX2784d ago

Half-life is awesome.
But you wouldn't even know if you were playing as Gordon Freeman unless someone told you, since you can't see or hear him while you play.

meetajhu2784d ago

I would put Kratos in every game and beat the hell out everyone

mrv3212784d ago

Smash Brothers... with GOD OF WAR.

kesvalk2784d ago

i would use samus on minecraft...

that creepers would be fucked....

other than that, i would use sol badguy on every beat'em'up out there...

Klaykid1232784d ago

download a texture for your avatar :D I would love to see a mod where you make a laser cannon like Samus'. Then blow shit up.

TheComedian2784d ago

Pikachu...why? Why not,it is a freaking radioactive rat that shoots freaking lightning bolts out of its @$$!!! Can't get much more badass than that... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.