Inteview: PSN Shut Down Affecting More Than Sony’s Customers

Brutal Gamer interviews ZEN Studios’ VP of Marketing Mel Kirk about the PlayStation Network shut down and what it means to developers and publishers who rely on it to sell their products.

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moosehound2756d ago

An interesting read for sure. Many forget that people are waiting on psn sales to pay the rent...

averyzoe2756d ago

It's interesting to consider the long term effects as well. I know I will be more cautious adding CC info in the future, and others like will as well.

Mr PS32756d ago

Yeah i heard that some of Microsoft's customers are Affected by this too

IGAMEHARD2756d ago

everyone in the gaming community is affected by this. in some small way or another, whether they like to believe it or not, basically the square root is, if devs get less money we get less games

B1663r2756d ago

Yeah, we over on the xbox are gonna get a whole lot more exclusive XBLA games as PSN developers defect to Xbox, because no one is gonna buy things on PSN anymore.

Woo hoo!!!

averyzoe2756d ago

Oops! CAn't edit anymore, either :(

cliffbo2756d ago

yeah i heard NASA is affected too they cannot goto mars now for another 20 years :(

helghast1022756d ago

The cure for cancer has also been "indefinitely delayed" according to highly reputable sources.

Raider692756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


Well the pinball fx 2 mars table its already out!At least on xbox live.All you have to do is take a different route to mars!(; forget nasa!

MysticStrummer2756d ago

On the bright side, the PSN shutdown has delayed the rise of Skynet by a couple of weeks.

Shadowstar2756d ago

Ah! That explains it! I was wondering why we didn't all get killed by nukes on Judgement Day.

ChozenWoan2756d ago

It was kinda funny how PSN went down around the time that Skynet was supposed to be taking over.

I figured GLaDOS of Aperture Science used Steam to hack the PSN and that it was on the verge of sentience. Thus why Sony had to shut down the PSN. If GLaDOS had linked to every PS3 it would have created a super computer the likes of which would have been unstoppable.... well until the power went out after Judgment Day. ;)

Ruggadagod2756d ago

it racks in alot of money for companies and when it goes down they all feel it.

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