Brink: 'I still don't understand why people make the games they make'

CVG: Not only is Splash Damage's free-running FPS blurring the boundaries between multiplayer and single-player, it's also smashing the industry stereotype of publishers teasing gamers with numerous delays by actually releasing Brink early.
CVG speaks to Splash Damage's CEO and game director Paul Wedgwood at a Bethesda showcase in Utah

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cowkimon2701d ago

I'm usually not a fan of multiplayer, and I cannot wait for this game.

fluffydelusions2701d ago

I have faith this will be good. I mean these guys did ET and Quake Wars. PC version will be great. They are giving tons of customization options with the dedicated servers. Cannot wait.

Blad3star2700d ago

Your kidding right - ET was garbage for the Atari.

Quake Wars on the other hand was good.

rezzah2700d ago

Quake wars was terrible.

Saryk2700d ago

Quake wars was a damn good game on the PC. The AI was a pain in the ass and the multiplayer maps/mission types were awesome.

xtremexx2701d ago

amazing game, lets hope they get amazing sales and continue to do great things with their minds

lh_swe2701d ago

Huh? I don't get it, can anyone fill me in?

DigitalAnalog2700d ago

I already changed my commment to "wrong comment"? Stupid bugs in N4G!

-End statement

BeastlyRig2701d ago

I still don't understand why people buy the games we make'
- treyarch

Kingdom Come2701d ago

+ Bubble, that Sir, was funny.

T3MPL3TON 2700d ago

For that, if I could I'd give you 90 bubbles.

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The story is too old to be commented.