The Introduction to the Start of an Upcoming Show: GoozerNation

We've been announcing our announcement for so darn long, I was beginning to think I was re-living the Brett Favre saga all over again...

That being said Philly B (denzalo), editor for GoozerNation and Mike D (djcitizend) of the Yet Another Gaming Show podcast have joined forces to create a videocast!

This video is an introduction of what they will be covering, as well as a glimpse of stuff featured in the show, including some clips of what the lads have been playing, as well as a demo of the Kinect features for Netflix.

Phil and Mike hope to bring their sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor to video games, and all sorts of geeky things alike.

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JimmyJames702732d ago

Looks like it will be a great show. And there's a nice contest to help name the show.

Gamerfans2732d ago

Goozex saves me sooo much money on games and is even cheaper than renting!

Denzalo2732d ago

Good stuff to come from the show, get on GoozerNation or Goozex and help us choose a name!