Second Patch for Portal 2 Released

Valve has announced that they have released a second patch for their game "Portal 2".

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The Matrix2782d ago

Doesn't need a patch atm. :v

TheBeast2782d ago

Hard to update something that is down.

starcb262782d ago

I updated KZ3 while was PSN was down.

Apocwhen2782d ago

Updates can still be downloaded for game titles. It doesn't seem to be affected by the PSN being down.

Regarding the Portal 2 patch. I didn't notice any bugs or crashing which completing it on the PS3 so I'm not sure an update is even required.

The changelog seems to be mostly related to Mac OSX issues.

DrRichtofen2782d ago

I don't think you need PSN for a game update. Just yesterday I put in Rock Band 3 and it had an update and I was able to download it.

starcb262782d ago

When I was playing the split screen co-op the frame rate would dropped a little sometimes.

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user8586212782d ago

so how does steamworks work on the ps3 exactly? does it log in independently or does it require that you be signed into psn first??

Apocwhen2782d ago

You need to be signed into PSN first

Winkle922782d ago

Haha @waseem335. Four disagrees for asking a question?

Pandamobile2782d ago

Aw, they fixed the switch_teams command :(

That was funny to use in coop, you could just swap your player model back and forth.