The Quiet Before the Storm: The Impending Flood of Mass Effect 3 Spoilers writes: "If there has been one consistent thing that Bioware has done with the Mass Effect series it has been that they love to spoil the game’s plot and story details tremendously. I have talked about this a lot on the Bioware Social Network forums time after time. I have even joined a group that aims to bring awareness to the fact that Bioware offers up too much spoilerish material in their marketing. Bioware has came out to say that for Mass Effect 3, they would try to avoid releasing a lot of spoilers pre-release like they did with ME and ME1 but I find that hard to believe, it is just in their nature to tell you EVERYTHING about a Mass Effect game before it even comes out."

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Focker4202783d ago

Its spelled Quiet, not Quite.

-It sure is quiet in here.
-He didn't quite make it to the end.

Nate-Dog2783d ago

Nice post, and I agree completely, it's going to be nigh on impossible to avoid all the spoilers about ME3. I read that article / interview where Bioware said they were aware of how much they had spoiled before the release of some of their previous games and that they weren't going to do it this time with ME3... and then we get info on pretty much the whole beginning of the story in GameInformer (I think it was GI anyway...), we're told pretty much everyone who is returning, and also apparently a different magazine spoiled a number of characters who will be definitely be in your squad in the game and not just at random moments, and that's where the line was for me. I was fine (and happy) reading info on the RPG elements they want to put back into the game, about some of the weapon details and information, even about part of the start of the game, because I knew the trailers and everything else before the game's release was going to spoil that. But everything after that is just going too far, especially this early. I know I won't be able to avoid all of the new ME3 info (especially with that ME3 tab I have at the top of my N4G page which I don't seem to want to unpin) but I'm gonna do my best to avoid everything I can and hope that some jackass in one place or another doesn't go ahead and ruin most of my effort in that for me.

earbus2782d ago

pic looks straight out of gears.