CVG-'My time is precious, I don't want to be playing the same game for weeks and months'

Last week in CVG's mailbox Joe Wyatt e-mailed PSM3 to vent his frustrations with hackers in Modern Warfare 2, saying that he's "sick of these cheating douchebags" that are ruining Modern Warfare 2. Harsh words.

This week James Flintoff says he feels some games may be too long and doesn't want to spend his precious time playing the same game for months.

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Rybakov2785d ago

"We're all for short, high-quality experiences. Game's like Portal are a perfect example that the experience doesn't have to be 30+ hours to be meaningful and satisfying."

but portal is 5 hours and extreamly why would i pay 60 bucks for that when i could buy Elder scrolls or Mass effect and get 200+ hours of game play and meaningful stuff

blumatt2785d ago

I just bought Portal 2 and, while it isn't super long, I felt the $60 was very worth it for the quality of the gameplay experience (and because, when PSN gets back up, I'll be able to play with Steam players. :)

Rybakov2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

im not hating i liked the story it was just 5 hours long and painfully easy

tho only part i was disappointed with was the fact there wasn't a half life 3 tie in when part 3 is gonna take place around the Aperture science ship....a couple references to black mesa doesn't count in my book

@gaming- me and a friend flew threw multiplayer day one....there was no challenge to it at all and added nothing to the story except where the robots came from that i never cared about to begin with....tho it was nice to play with a friend they could have easily made it so much harder

BeckyLikesChocolate2785d ago

but wouldnt playing p2 co-op be the same thing as the sp just with another person or does it alter the levels and difficulty? either way i think ill wait till it gets around twenty bucks or so

reznik_zerosum2784d ago

portal is way to easy and short to pay 59$,maybe in orange box 2 with portal 2 :P but no...
(but i will pirate it for sure)

Army_of_Darkness2784d ago

Lol! His time can't be that precious if he's using it to play video games to begin with.

limewax2784d ago

Actually no, Playing the Co-op you are playing an entirely different story that is almost as long as the SP and much harder

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Scyrus2785d ago

its true, who in the world spends 60 bucks on any game thats 5 hours with out a deep multiplayer?. I mean I loved heavy rain and god of war 3, but im sorry I waited till they were super cheap and or rented them. example, GOW3 rented, beaten sent back within the week and didnt need to spend all that money to enjoy it.

Portal is another example, rented, beaten sent back noww waiting for motorstorm.

I mean its your money u do what u want but its good to think before u do so :P

Perjoss2785d ago

What about people with good jobs but not a lot of free time, they buy a 60 bucks 5 hours game and its perfect for them. Not everyone in the world lives with their parents.

DW742784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Then maybe those with good jobs and limited time should consider a hobby that fits their lifestyle, and not ruin someone else's in the process. I don't see a person with no legs choosing skiing as a hobby. I am sure it's been done with certain accommodations, but it's not at all likely a first choice. And wouldn't that be fun if legless ski'rs would start requesting that mountains be made.....shorter. Heh.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2784d ago

Agreed. My money is precious. I don't want to waste it on a game that I'm going to finish by dinner. Give me 40+ hours or plenty of replayability.

morkendo232784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

(WHY NOT VARIETY!!!!) 6 years of same format,same game with different titles,different studios making fps games but root of the game is the same. no matter what you CALL IT, what country your in, and reason why your there its still the same boring ass game. FPS games is like win 95 each game is like a application adding onto the original copy thus windows 95 is now windows 7 like COD or halo is now COD 5 or halo 5 same game with more applications added maps,DLC. that go's for ALL FPS games. ITS BORING!!!!! "kill or be killed"

gcolley2784d ago

unfortunately games, like movies, cost so much to make it is safer to make a sequel to a proven hit than take a gamble with new IP. this is why i rarely pay for movies anymore (especially big budget, will pay for lower budget for sure), they just don't try any more.

this is why portal does so well, not many other fps games that don't have bullets (or arrows). we need to move away from this gun game culture, it can't be healthy for a race to be so obsessed with killing, only then can we evolve

evrfighter2784d ago

'My time is precious, I don't want to be playing the same game for weeks and months'

I'm sorry but anyone who says this needs not be playing video games.

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limewax2785d ago

Although I see the guys point, I dont feel it is something that should be complained about, if the game is too long, dont buy it, but by all means when you know gamers are asking for longer games dont go against them, they are outnumbered as it is, There are plenty short fulfilling experiences to be played, dont see why anyone should feel the need to complain about games that take more time and dedication as they are just not the target audience

MidnytRain2785d ago

I agree, this sounds like a personal problem rather than a problem with the industry as a whole. Developers don't need to drastically change their approach to game design because the people who don't like the style of games they make are complaining about it.

gcolley2784d ago

RPG games are generally as long as you want them to be. this guy is just obsessed with trophies, he is the one with the problem.

ZeroChaos2785d ago

I enjoy games a lot but the things certain games want me to do and longevity they want me to play is sometimes borderline madness.

Damn their addictiveness!

DaReapa2785d ago

"I know a lot of gamers complain about getting value for money from their games and how expensive games are when they only last six hours: well I'm going to do the opposite. My time is precious, I'm a 35 year old gamer with a family and any time I get on the PS3 needs to be a fulfilling and efficient experience."

Thankfully, this guy doesn't speak for the gaming community as a whole. Besides, sadly this gen has seen more than its fair share of 4-hour games to fulfill his gaming fix, so I don't understand his rant.

Prototype2785d ago

Honestly if a game takes less than 8 hours on normal (and there's no replay value), I don't see the need to spend $60 for it because I remember older NES games taking way longer on first play through; there's a lot of companies knowing people will spend $60 for a 4-5 hour game with low replay value and tacked-on multiplayer.

I'd rather spend $60+ on a game that I know will at least suck me in for a long, long time without online. Mass Effect 2 being one of them, Fallout 3 being second, 3D Dot heroes third.

DaReapa2785d ago

My thoughts exactly. Among the many reasons why I'm becoming more and more of a fan of devs like From Software (Demon's Souls).

Scyrus2785d ago

ur entitled to not like playing long games, but I highly reccomend gamefly if your going to only buy 3-5 hour 60$ games lol

Statix2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If you can't appreciate a long, deep experience like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Borderlands, or Mass Effect... then why don't you just buy short games (e.g., Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Homefront, and 90% of games nowadays)? Why ruin it for the rest of us true, hardcore gamers that want a DEEP experience by WHINING and COMPLAINING about games being too long/deep/complex/etc.? Thus encouraging more developers (*ahem* Bioware) to DUMB DOWN games for you noobs?

Oh, and you being a trophy whore just makes you look even more noobish and sad. I'm sure you've already bought and platinum'ed Terminator: Salvation, LMAO.

Flashwave_UK2785d ago

ROTFLMFAO terminator salvation i know so many guys who brought that game just for platinum wall-e is another good example.

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