5 Things Project Café Has to Do

Codename Project Café is the next in a long line of home consoles from Nintendo. After years of Wii HD rumours circling, we finally know that all will be revealed in little over a month’s time at E3...

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Temporary_Name2760d ago

1. HD graphics far exceeding those of PS360
2. Robust Online
3. 256GB or more storage
4. More precise motion controller
5. Innovate or Bring something new to the table

Menech2759d ago

I think 256GB of storage is a little overkill, my gaming PC is still rocking a 160GB HD.

Also 256 is a figure that applies to bit rates, it has nothing to do with storage sizes.

jadnice2759d ago

I fully agree with your points except for the "... far exceeding those of PS360". I am sure the hardware will be better than the PS3 but not with a GPU two generations better than the 360. Clearly none of use want to spend $500 on a console.

Menech2759d ago

Actually it's quite possible, even an $80 dollar mid range GPU is about 3x faster then a 7800GTX nowa days.

Now with Nintendo buying them in bulk it's not beyond the realm of possibility they could get that down to the $40 dollar range.

demogamer2758d ago

I really doubt Nintendo will push the graphics envelope much. Nintendo was very content to let Sony and Microsoft do that for the current generation, so why not the next? Nintendo made money on every Wii while Microsoft and Sony bled just to move their consoles. I think Nintendo will try to replicate that feat.

Klaykid1232759d ago

Gamecube was the only system of theirs that didn't innovate. Hopefully they won't fail again, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Foxgod2759d ago

The Wii lacks games.

gamerfan4eva2759d ago

wii 2 is gonna rock! watch out sony and ms!!

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