Being a Gamer Dad Isn't So Bad

Troy from Brutal Gamer writes: "I used to consider myself a hardcore gamer. I used to have loads of disposable income, and I had tons of time to dedicate to playing games in evenings and weekends. After I graduated college and got my first job, I moved into my first apartment and I was in heaven! I made my own schedule, and I answered to nobody but myself! If I wanted to stay up until 3:30am playing on the Sega Dreamcast, and pay for it the next morning at work, I could! If I reaaaaally needed that copy of “The Bouncer” for PlayStation 2 and could balance the finances by eating cheaply for the next week (instant ramen noodles or microwave popcorn for dinner) then that’s what I could do!"

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Ruggadagod2756d ago

and probably never will.

LoaMcLoa2756d ago

and probably never will.

I have an erectile disfunction.

retrovertigo2756d ago

That's a shame, because you're really missing out.