10 Biggest Gaming Releases for May

Digital Spy - Welcome to a new feature looking at the ten biggest gaming releases for the month ahead, including formats of release, European and US release dates, and trailers. May features two exclusive 3DS titles, Rockstar's highly-anticipated crime thriller L.A. Noire and the next LEGO game.

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remanutd552782d ago

mi time in may belongs to MOTORSTORM !!!!! LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

-Mezzo-2782d ago

UNITE..... well i will have to wait until June 10th till i get my Copy. :(

reznik_zerosum2782d ago

Witcher 2 Bitches, PC only !

GamerSciz2782d ago

May 3rd MS comes out. Why is it not on the list? Especially over Dead or Alive crap wow...

fluffydelusions2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I will likely get Brink off Steam. I think this sort of game will have lasting appeal in the PC community given the customization for dedicated servers it's getting.

remanutd552782d ago

thats what i wanna know too , anyways LUNATICS UNITE!!!

BX812782d ago

Brink and LA Noire are my picks. Lego games are a guilty pleasure....

BlitzAK2782d ago

Brink is going to be awesome, on PC especially.

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