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Reith writes: "The first major announcement made regarding changes to Forza 4 has been the inclusion of Kinect support. Considering Forza’s inherent realism, I don’t see how a sim as realistic as Forza will appeal to the casual crowd who are most likely to own Kinect sensors but that’s neither here nor there. The game will include Kinect support whether you like it or not."

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NYC_Gamer2757d ago

i doubt kinect support in this title will be anything revolutionary

cereal_killa2757d ago

That Video is all you'll be able to do in Forza until there controller is announced.

NukaCola2756d ago

"with Kinect you can finally touch and sit in a Ferreri"

All I saw was a guy hunched over swaying left and right. Doesn't seem like anything anyone would ever do. Nothing a controller can't handle. I was expecting something Kinect, but this is corny as hell. Unless there was an Achievement for this, I would never use this lame feature.

AAACE52756d ago

Could be more to it, like using kinect to see on sides of you or something like that.

If you don't have a good imagination, you really shouldn't judge things, because you are closed minded!

Yi-Long2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

... I just want new original tracks to race on, instead of the all the old tracks we've been racing on since Forza 1!

They keep focussing on more cars, more customisation, and now Kinect. I honestly don't care about having 500+ cars. I also don't care if each car has a billion polygons or a 100% accurate dashboard. It's 'nice' and all, but if it's just the same old tracks over and over and over again, it just stops being interesting.

Just bring in LOTS more new and original tracks, bring in weather-effects, bring in a whole lot more activity around the tracks so they don't look so deserted and 'stale, and bring in different periods of the day/night to race on, so that the same track can also look different depending on what time of day it is.

Leathersoup2756d ago

They've already said that the game will support Steering wheels and Game pads just like the previous version.

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Strikepackage Bravo2757d ago

I was hoping for more information here. Most of what they did say sounded like they were just guessing, horrible article.

As for kinect, I couldn't care less about that, might be neat to play around with the kinect features when looking at cars, but driving via kinect is a no go for me.

Having said that, im not going to sit here and spew a bunch of angry negativity about kinect in the game when I have no idea how its going to work. People who do that are hiding other issues, most likely fanboy resentment, and motion controller envy, due to the extreme lack of innovation put forth by Sony in regards to their wii knock off.

awiseman2757d ago

The Kinect support is tacked on but who cares?! Its not liked we are forced to use it....the ps3 fanboys need to give it a rest.

earbus2757d ago

The attention to detail is nice day one .

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