5 Games with Outstanding Art

Save and Quit - "Roger Ebert once asserted that video games can never be art. If you agree with that statement you probably aren’t spending your free time on a video game website, and if you don’t agree with it you already know why it’s wrong. I’m not going to waste my time preaching to the choir or explaining why Mr. Ebert’s stance on video games as art is incorrect. I’m just going to write a little bit about five games I think are most deserving of your attention for their artistic excellence."

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The Matrix2783d ago

I knew Okami would be #1.

solideagle12783d ago

they should have included ICO as well because that ws the most beautiful game.
i think GOW has beautiful Art too.

AnttiApina2783d ago

I think the author of this article is missing the point what makes games artistic for the most part.

Just because the game has an stylistic art direction doesn't in my opinion make the game "art".

Isn't there more what games can do than just render fancy graphics?

What I personally think that what really makes games art is the INTERACTIVITY part of the medium.

No movie, book or painting can never have this:
interactivity is exclusive to games and that's what we should really be proud of.

Shadow Of The Colossus in my opinion has many moment that make the game one of the prime examples of art.
Take example your horse; it's primaly a gameplay device to travel fast from place to place, but you also develope a relationship with your horse. Then out of nowhere... well you know the rest and I don't want to spoil the moment.

Anyway, I truly think that games are in fact art, but we shouldn't analyze the visual parts.

It's the GAMEPLAY that truly sets our medium apart from others. That is the true art that games have.

AnttiApina2783d ago

Another example I just remembered was Metal Gear Solid 4.

Just think of all those great moments that the game had: The Return To Shadow Moses, Microwave Tunnel etc.
I think that these certain moments combined with the gameplay truly can make an immersive and emotional experience.

kane_13712783d ago

his choices aren't very good, infact he lost games like flower, flow and ico.
ico is probably the best one he could use.
NEIR and Bayonetta also.
his choice were kind of bad.
only Okami(to some points) and SOTC were the good choices

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Gamerfans2783d ago

i hope last guardian will come out 2011.

shammgod2783d ago

pretty off topic but a damn good point...bubbles. Although, i am pretty sure it will not be out this year :(

InLaLaLand2783d ago

I thought Prince of Persia (the 2008 game) had a good art style even though the game sucked. Even Street Fighter 4 had a cool artstyle. El Shaddai looks cool judging from the demo.

No mention of Zelda Wind Waker!


i would have to say Heavy Rain. i wouldn't vote it the most artistic, but it deserves to be somewhere on that list.

antauwnehart2783d ago

The list is fail! Most of rare's games alone blow these games out of the water in terms of art style!

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