New Tribes: Ascend concept art shows off vehicles

XMNR: Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios has released new concept art for its upcoming PC and Xbox 360 take on the Tribes series, Tribes: Ascend.

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ATiElite2732d ago

so far so good but can't wait for more info and video of this game.

ChozenWoan2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Actually, it was beyond what even the first Halo did.

The openness of the maps are still epic and the vast amount of gameplay still unrivaled. The only thing that held the original up was the fact that most gamers where still rocking dailup and thus getting pawned left and right... myself included. I still enjoyed it and especially the mods. Portable force fields, low grav worlds, wonderfully wild weapons oh my!

I hope they make this game worthy of the Tribes brand.

Queasy2731d ago

Heh. The original Tribes is what made me decide to shell out for broadband way back then. Can't believe it has been 13 years.

spunnups2731d ago

Please bring it to consoles.

Queasy2731d ago

It's coming to Xbox LIVE as a downloadable game.

Queasy2731d ago

Nothing on a PS3 version yet. Hi-Rez is a small studio and Tribes Ascend is actually their first console game. They had only been exclusive to the PC before.