The Evolution Of Video Game Character Depth Part I

"Video games are slowly evolving into a creditable media for storytelling. One might not see it amongst the wave upon wave of space marines or soldier types, and to find a game that doesn’t have a muscle glad hero or a busty two-dimensional heroine is becoming increasingly uncommon, but that is merely an unfair stereotype. Not every character has links to the classic view that each protagonist needs to be anatomically perfect. Recent efforts have bridged the gap between games and more traditional media; most notably Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and the complex relationship between the couple forced together by circumstance and forced to wander around a ruined New York wasteland. One could be forgiven for thinking that this was a recent development, but as any geek will tell you, our narrative journey starts way back in the 90s."

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limewax2757d ago

character depth has been a devolution in some genres. Particularly the genre chosen for the image

Baka-akaB2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

the genre is fine in that aspect . People just need to play something else than just the main blockbusters once every while , just like with every genre , and any era .

Hell one could even argue that for all its massive flaws XIII even tried in a rather decent way to give depth to its characters .

limewax2757d ago

Oh I dont deny that FFXIII had character depth, in fact it felt like the only thing going for it more or less for the story. I guess I probably have missed a lot of gems too, Anything with anime graphics I just struggle to play, anything other than that if its RPG I pick it up, I dont have gaming pc either though so have missed all of them.

That said for the game mentioned, the way the characters evolved was actually my personal favourite thing about the game other than the world it was set in, It felt very cleverly crafted in that sense and that its pacing was set out great too.

I guess I just miss the characters who used to have such a looming shadow over them, Kaim from LO was my personal favourite character of this gen

Gohadouken2757d ago

yup you even see some actual growth from the deemed annoying characters in FFXIII .. something actually rare in most games .

Scyrus2757d ago

tell me bout it. the game wasnt that bad, and i liked the characters, cant wait to see how lightning progress's in 13-2

limewax2757d ago

Agreed I dont get all the hate for it, As long as some of the original elements of FF return for the sequel Im happy to buy it, considering the story of XIII never really left you the chance to explore towns, being on the run from the world and all, It fits together in a way, maybe this time we wont be hunted by the world

MWH2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

interesting read. glad i played all these great games. i hope in your next part you remember Legacy of Kain and Metal Gear Solid 1.

JeepGamer2757d ago

The characters and story of FF7 had about as much depth as a kiddy pool, and about as much development as an application done by second year programming students. In RPG terms FF7 was a step backwards in every single possible way except CGI.

There were plenty of RPG that came before FF7 that did absolutely everything better except CGI.

Enigma_20992753d ago

And to add, when you people use "depth" to describe FF7 characterization and plot, how much of that did you have to make up yourself?