Top Ten Announcements Gamers Hope for at E3 2011

As the anticipation builds for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), taking place next month in Los Angeles, rumours are beginning to spread about exactly what we’ll see at the show. Many new titles are expected to be revealed, mostly new legs for existing franchises, and the faint whiff of new hardware is in the air. But what are your most anticipated revelations?

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iamnsuperman2782d ago

Return of The Getaway. Hell yes I have been waiting for this game since the tech demo.

sdtarm2782d ago

im really really not waiting nor excited at all for a new GTA

limewax2782d ago

Yes, Eight days is a game I have been waiting years for, HS2 would be another game I would like to be announced just because I really liked the first one.

I would also like to see MS announce a sequel to one of their exclusive JRPG's such LO but the chances are seeming slim.

And an a more odd note, I would love to see some announced DLC tools for LBP2, Im missing the love LBP1 got with additional tools so far. Along with some form of FF gameplay from either home console title, just so we know a bit more about their current direction, went on a bit, sorry lol

EeJLP-2781d ago

Zone of the Enders is garbage. Beyond that, it would sell what? 100-200k copies?

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (1-3) is where the fanbase and money's at.

God of War I and II sold between 3.5-4mil each. PS3's HD Collection sold 2.2mil+.

MGS1 & MGS2 sold between 5.5-6mil and MGS3 sold between 4.5-5mil. We're talking 3-4mil+ sales for an MGS: HD Collection.

Why would they make ZotE3 and sell 3-10% of a MGS: HD Collection?

dagamster2781d ago

I wouldn't mind a new splinter cell, but mainly I'm looking forward to seeing what Nintendo & Rockstar have up their sleeves......Also an update on The Last Guardian would be nice. :D

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lelo2play2782d ago

Give me a Diablo 3 release day for 2011... and I'll be happy.

fluffydelusions2782d ago

lol. I just said the same thing.

Perjoss2782d ago

I don't think Blizzard want anything to do with E3, they have their own show (Blizzcon) for announcements like that.

Enate2781d ago

The main reason I would see it not being on the list is because its already announced. All the games on the list have not been announced. The closer we get to fall the more likely it is it won't come out this year. The silence on that game has been absolute lately.

As far as the list goes I've been waiting on a new ZOE for some time now. An I'd love to see the next step in the GTA series.

Gazman2782d ago

Dark Cloud 3 would be awesome, and if we could see a HD port of 1 and 2 that you be even better

Sitris2782d ago

If there is a god, there will be more dark cloud games. Best. Series. Ever. I want more! If they announce dark cloud 3, I will seriously fly to japan and hug every member of the dev team.

Venox20082782d ago

I hope..

Bayonetta 2
God hand 2
Viewtiful joe 3 (real one)
Haunting ground 2
Shadow of rome 2
Madworld 2 (real one)
Warioware 3DS
new Sin & punishment 3DS
Peace walker 3D
Metal gear acid 1 & 2 collection 3DS
Silent hill (new) 3DS
Luigis mansion 2
new Metroid 3DS
new Metroid (project cafe)
confirmation that Konami didnt cancel all hudson 3DS titles
Mario (project cafe)
Duke nukem: begins
Resident evil 2 remake
new Child of eden 3DS :) :) :)

Hellsvacancy2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Wtf? no Hitman V? you must be mad not to want that game, its the beauty im waitin for

Venox20082782d ago

Really forgot Hitman V & HL3 or HL2:EP3 :)

Reborn2782d ago


This gave me some hope for something at E3.

Wizziokid2782d ago

shenmue HD remake would do it for me, or even releasing them as ports on PSN/XBL

goku323592782d ago

Maybe at the 2015 E3 lol

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