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Top Ten Announcements Gamers Hope for at E3 2011

As the anticipation builds for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), taking place next month in Los Angeles, rumours are beginning to spread about exactly what we’ll see at the show. Many new titles are expected to be revealed, mostly new legs for existing franchises, and the faint whiff of new hardware is in the air. But what are your most anticipated revelations? (3DS, Dark Cloud 3, God of War 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid, The Getaway 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Zone of the Enders 3)

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iamnsuperman  +   1552d ago
Return of The Getaway. Hell yes I have been waiting for this game since the tech demo.
velocitygamer  +   1552d ago
Eight Days for me.
sdtarm  +   1552d ago
im really really not waiting nor excited at all for a new GTA
limewax  +   1552d ago
Yes, Eight days is a game I have been waiting years for, HS2 would be another game I would like to be announced just because I really liked the first one.

I would also like to see MS announce a sequel to one of their exclusive JRPG's such LO but the chances are seeming slim.

And an a more odd note, I would love to see some announced DLC tools for LBP2, Im missing the love LBP1 got with additional tools so far. Along with some form of FF gameplay from either home console title, just so we know a bit more about their current direction, went on a bit, sorry lol
EeJLP-  +   1551d ago
Zone of the Enders is garbage. Beyond that, it would sell what? 100-200k copies?

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (1-3) is where the fanbase and money's at.

God of War I and II sold between 3.5-4mil each. PS3's HD Collection sold 2.2mil+.

MGS1 & MGS2 sold between 5.5-6mil and MGS3 sold between 4.5-5mil. We're talking 3-4mil+ sales for an MGS: HD Collection.

Why would they make ZotE3 and sell 3-10% of a MGS: HD Collection?
dagamster  +   1551d ago
I wouldn't mind a new splinter cell, but mainly I'm looking forward to seeing what Nintendo & Rockstar have up their sleeves......Also an update on The Last Guardian would be nice. :D
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lelo2play  +   1552d ago
Give me a Diablo 3 release day for 2011... and I'll be happy.
fluffydelusions  +   1552d ago
lol. I just said the same thing.
Perjoss  +   1551d ago
I don't think Blizzard want anything to do with E3, they have their own show (Blizzcon) for announcements like that.
Enate  +   1551d ago
The main reason I would see it not being on the list is because its already announced. All the games on the list have not been announced. The closer we get to fall the more likely it is it won't come out this year. The silence on that game has been absolute lately.

As far as the list goes I've been waiting on a new ZOE for some time now. An I'd love to see the next step in the GTA series.
fluffydelusions  +   1552d ago
No Diablo 3?
Gazman  +   1552d ago
Dark Cloud 3 would be awesome, and if we could see a HD port of 1 and 2 that you be even better
Sitris  +   1552d ago
If there is a god, there will be more dark cloud games. Best. Series. Ever. I want more! If they announce dark cloud 3, I will seriously fly to japan and hug every member of the dev team.
Venox2008  +   1552d ago
I hope..

Bayonetta 2
God hand 2
Viewtiful joe 3 (real one)
Haunting ground 2
Shadow of rome 2
Madworld 2 (real one)
Warioware 3DS
new Sin & punishment 3DS
Peace walker 3D
Metal gear acid 1 & 2 collection 3DS
Silent hill (new) 3DS
Luigis mansion 2
new Metroid 3DS
new Metroid (project cafe)
confirmation that Konami didnt cancel all hudson 3DS titles
Mario (project cafe)
Duke nukem: begins
Resident evil 2 remake
new Child of eden 3DS :) :) :)
Hellsvacancy  +   1552d ago
Wtf? no Hitman V? you must be mad not to want that game, its the beauty im waitin for
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Venox2008  +   1552d ago
Really forgot Hitman V & HL3 or HL2:EP3 :)
Reborn  +   1552d ago
- http://www.shopto.net/PS3/V...

This gave me some hope for something at E3.
Wizziokid  +   1552d ago
shenmue HD remake would do it for me, or even releasing them as ports on PSN/XBL
Raendom  +   1552d ago
Half-Life (episode) 3?
goku32359  +   1552d ago
Maybe at the 2015 E3 lol
EliteDave93  +   1552d ago
I have a feeling that R* is waiting for next gen with GTAV. But a GTA for the NGP is possible.
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Lamarthedancer  +   1552d ago
I want to see the next Half life.....at least some info
Kingdom Come  +   1552d ago
Being a Gears of War obsessive, I'm incredibley intrigued as to what the hell "Excile" is. I also want to see Hitman V, and, hopefully some new IP's...
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Foxgod  +   1552d ago
New Suikoden for me.
KingofGambling  +   1551d ago
ahh hell yeah, but even if Konami has the game in development it most likely going to show at Tokyo Game Show and a PS3 exclusive.
Paragon  +   1552d ago
Where in the world is Kingdom Hearts 3 on that list? In all the list was a "Meh".
NYC_Gamer  +   1552d ago
shenmue 3
jay2  +   1552d ago
Getaway 3 and 8 Days PLEASE SONY!
Sitris  +   1552d ago
Just give me dark cloud 3 and my life would be complete, the day it eventually gets announced is the day I turn back into a kid again. Best memories of last gen were playing those games over, and over and over.....please! I will buy the super duper uber edition for 1000dollars if I have to! The demand is there make it!
tsunami901  +   1552d ago
Why isn't HL2: Ep. 3 on that list?
Kingdom Come  +   1552d ago
Kee  +   1552d ago
Still waiting on a FFVII remake announcement... lol it's never coming, is it?
Electroshocked  +   1552d ago
Erm... Agent?
DeadlyFire  +   1552d ago
Battlefront 3 anyone?
Samus HD  +   1552d ago
Wii Successor :D (Y)
kasser  +   1552d ago
From the list:
Next Bungie game

Out of the list:
Half Life 2 Episode 3
whatever kojima is making
Doom 4
Hitman (5?)
Thief 4
AnonUser5555  +   1552d ago
They forgot the obligatory Final Fantasy VII remake...
Acquiescence  +   1552d ago
How about...
Shenmue III
Quantic Dreams' new game
Rollcage 3
The return of Redwood Falls
Half Life 2: Episode 3

Too far-fetched?
Chocoboh  +   1552d ago
My wishlist:

Final Fantasy 15 (BRING BACK THE SERIES TO ITS ROOTS!!!!! FUCK XBOX LIMITATIONS PLEASE I don't care if Xbox360 has to suffer with 20 discs and if its announced as a launch title for Nintendo's new system I'll buy that shit day one)

Metal Gear Solid game by Kojima? I know the series was supposed to end with MGS4 but I want moar Snake(and don't mention that Raiden game pls -_-')

Next gen Pokemon/Zelda game on the Wii2 :D

Dark Cloud 3 would be very nice.. I played the crap out of Dark Cloud creating my towns and raiding dungeons <3 so much fun

Legend of Dragoon sequel(or prequel) announced would be VERY nice and.. REFRESHING! Sony needs a nice rpg game and what better way than one of the best rpgs from back in the day brought to us in this gen..

GTAV would be nice only if it brought more instead of less stuff .. why the hell would they take 10 steps forward with GTA4 and then 20 steps back from GTA San Andreas? It doesn't make no sense to me


Anyways those are the games I hope for really
LightSamus  +   1552d ago
They're making FF XIII-2, they won't be doing XV for a while yet.
Lamarthedancer  +   1552d ago
To be honest, they should make Final Fantasy 13 Versus into Final Fantasy 15
Snatcher  +   1552d ago
My wishlist:

- Snatcher sequel or a remake from Kojima. FUCK metal gear. Enough of that franchise already.

-Half-Life Episode 3.

-Shenmue 3??? Would be AWESOME.
GoldPS3  +   1552d ago
How can you want something from Kojima then say fuck Metal Gear, which is one of the best game franchises Kojima made in gaming history. You crazy dude.
XRider  +   1552d ago
I want all new games. The only franchise I want to hear about at E3 is Thief.
JAMurida  +   1552d ago
My wishlist:

-Resonance of Fate 2.

-Ni no Kuni US/EU release.

-Mirror's Edge 2.

-Malicious US/EU release.

-Borderlands 2.

-Metal Gear Solid 5.

-A release date/expected beta or demo for Final Fantasy XIV for PS3.

-Gameplay on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and X-2.

-Dark Cloud 3.

Splinter Cell reboot, (a new Splinter Cell game that takes it back to the old style of stealth in the game).

And other stuff that would be off topic to games...
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Brasi82  +   1552d ago
No Pikmin? No Pokemon reboot for 3DS? Info on Uncharted 3? Come on...
HellzAssassin  +   1551d ago
Pokemon is the most overrated piece of shit ever. Seriously? You kids don't get tired of "literally" the exact same thing over and over? Even more of a "copy/paste" than Call of Duty... It was fun back in the day though, when it first came out.

Pikmin... it wasn't even popular enough for that many people to want a sequel. I'm not a fan, but to each his/her own.

As for Uncharted 3. It's almost a given that more information would be announced at E3.
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Brasi82  +   1551d ago
You seem to understand what a reboot is sir. /facepalm.
HellzAssassin  +   1550d ago
I never said I didn't know what a reboot is. Considering your statement, you don't understand what I had stated. "You kids don't get tired of literally the exact same thing over and over" Looking at Pokemon, a reboot would be the same as creating a whole new pokemon game... But whatever. It's pointless arguing over something equally as pointless.
omi25p  +   1552d ago
GTA V will not release this year. If its announced this year it will most likely release early 2012. red dead redemption was early 2010 and L.A Noire is early 2011.
Dogs_PinoyPOOD  +   1552d ago
a new halo? heelll noo. that game all recycled just like call of duty, those two franchises should die already. i want something new. not old
news4geeks  +   1551d ago
prisoner of war 2
chidori666  +   1551d ago
Top Ten Announcements Gamers Hope for at E3 2011
Socom 2 HD please...
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