8 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction images

Sony released eight new images of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Gamersyde thinks that after last week's demo there is not much doubt anymore about the quality of this game.

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beavis4play4048d ago

holy sh1t! less than 2 weeks away. this can't come soon enough.

squallsoft4048d ago

i agree. these screens are amazing. october 30th is the new christmas!

SimmoUK4047d ago

omg i used to dream of gamnes looking this good 2 years ago, and now they do :)

AllanWakker4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

This is hilarious in a pathetic way:

Dutch OPM scores:
Ratchet and Clank 17/20 for graphics

The Simpsons game got 19/20 for graphics


Not that anyone really needed another reason why PS3 reviews are a complete joke.

The demo looked and felt absolutely amazing.

* Insane amount of stuff on screen at once and draw distances
* Pristine image quality and AA
* Very high framerate - hear the final version runs at 60fps

Need to hurry up and finish Heavenly Sword and Folklore in the next couple of weeks before this comes out. There is so much stuff in every R&C game that they will keep you occupied for months searching for secrets, doing all the side quests, getting all the weapons, etc.

sjappie4047d ago

Official Playstation Magazine! What do you want to say, MS bribed them?
Get over yourself.

AllanWakker4047d ago

Go back to teamxbox sjappie you sad little fanboy.

The last thing the gaming world needs is another dimwitted Xbot crying over amazing PS3 screenshots.

sjappie4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I didn't say anything about the game or the screenshots. How do you come up with that stuff?
And why don't you answer my question? Is OPM anti playstation? The fact that you don't answer the question tells me that you know you are full of it.

@ Keowrath below. I know what you mean but it's this statement that's the problem:
"Not that anyone really needed another reason why PS3 reviews are a complete joke."

pilotpistolpete4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )


your the one who seems to be crying. So someone gave 17/20! Oh no, what a biased review! They must surely be xbots, taking over playstation magazines.

EDIT: To Keowrath

I know that R&C looks better than Simpson. But it's just that it's obvious that he is complaining because it didn't get the score he wanted. The review is someone's opinion and he finds that the game deserves 17/20. The Simpson game isn't even relevant. There are two possibilites here:

1. The site probable has more than one reviewer, so there's a good chance both reviews were done by different people, so you can't compare the difference between two people's opinion.

2. For a game like the Simpson, all the devs have to do it match the graphics of the tv show. The 19/20 just reflects that the game's graphics are appropriate for the genre.

I'm just tired of seeing people whine about review scores and always calls them biased or, in this case "PS3 reviews are a complete joke". As far as I know, the reviewer actually played the game, unlike our friend here, so you know who's opinion has more merit.

Keowrath4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

@ pilotpistolpete. AllanWakker was laughing at how R&C got 17/20 where as Simpsons got 19/20. Have you seen both of these games?

Simpsons looks great, very similar to the cartoon which is all it needs to do but Ratchet completely blows the simpsons away. It's a stunning looking game! Take a look at the other thread posted today of the new screenshots and you will see what we mean.

I completely agree here, R&C deserve a higher rating in graphics than Simpsons does. If you don't that's fair enough but it's not really fair to bash someone like you're doing. He didn't even mention Xbots in his first comment! And nothing about the review being done by microsoft employees

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marshman4047d ago

This game looks so sweet must have for me.

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