60° PSN Blackout, we assess the situation following the Sony press conference

An analysis about the Press Conference done this day by SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT regarding Playstation Network and Qriocity service.

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Muerte24942783d ago

You don't need to be a journalist to properly access this situation. Since Sony announced that they will be restoring the services in phases, one can conclude that they are not completely finished with the security aspect of things. They do understand that people patience tend to wane the further they go without. By restoring basic services to PSN, which is the most important, they ensure that the world keeps on spinning. Meanwhile, they will be spending the next few upcoming months updating the server side security. As gamers the multiplayer aspect is what we care about the most and it was prioritized rightly so.

OT: Xbox LIVE WAS down for two weeks in Christmas 2007. Taking this into consideration, they figured that would be the longest they would be able to go before people questioning their continuation with Sony. This way people will just think it was no longer down than LIVE was.

Loner2783d ago

It wasnt down for 2 weeks.Some people could access it some couldnt.It varied person to person