New PS3 SDK 'completely unrelated to PSN issues'

Develop - Studios not told of any such update since the PSN hack, Sony source says.

Sony is not updating the PS3 SDK as a counter-measure against the massive data breach that has rocked the PlayStation Network.
No general notice of new SDKs has been issued to studios, nor is one currently available, Develop understands.

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Muerte24942786d ago

I don't know what you're implying. Sony was already in discussion of having dev kits sent out with new masterkeys. This isn't related to the psn issue. This is related the whole Geohotz fiasco. It makes sense since the hack that caused the PSN attack allowed you to put your ps3 in "DEV-debug" mode. I think Sony has went farther than anyone to combat piracy this generation. Sony is the only one to successfully re-secure their system.

Max_Dissatisfaction2786d ago

How can you claim that they have re-secured their system successfully? Their system is offline. Perhaps wait until it is back online to make such bold statements.
If you are referring to their console rather than network then that is also very premature as the latest firmware was also breached, in fact if it wasn't then the network breach would not have occured.
Hackers found a way to not only access PSN with their hacked ps3's, but to also access dev PSN servers. I mean seriously guy, how have they re-secured anything?

Muerte24942785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

(Sigh)Go to or any of the other ps3 hack scenes. You will see that with update 3.60 Sony re-secured their system. You can even type it into the search bar on here. Do you even know how the perpetrator was able to gain access to PSN? The hackers said it themselves that Sony closed the loop hole. The ps3's masterkey was leaked. Without it none of these hacks work. Sony has now changed the masterkey. There is only a hybrid CFW that tricks the PSN, Games to saying it's a 3.60 firmware. Problem is you can't already be updated to 3.60.

"Note do not update to OFW 3.60 or this hack will not work! 3.60 users a solution for you below!."

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See where they say do not update to 3.60? Now why would they say that if Sony didn't block the hack with that firmware? You also seem to forget that not everyone updated their ps3. Hackers didn't update their ps3's unless there was already a jailbreak for the firmware. Firmware 3.60 was not hacked. For any of these hacks to work you need a ps3 with 3.55 firmware or older. They didn't hack PSN dev servers. The CFW install allowed the retail ps3 the look like a "dev-debug" ps3 instead. It's like giving a guest user "admin" capabilities. Everything I've said has a factual source.

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hiredhelp2786d ago

You'll see when we back up and running. Until then let's just leave it. Even thoe you seem to enjoy putting hate max, in this subject you have to realise Sony have been the only console this gen to last as long...