What gifts will Nintendo bring for us this E3?

MMGN - The time is upon us. We now have a firm grasp on what the next generation of consoles' roll-out will be like, with Nintendo striking first in 2012 and the more 'core' devices (whatever that means) hitting in 2014 (most likely). So although it's a tad ill-advised to make any predictions about a machine whose launch is just 6 short weeks away, I figured a little rampant speculation would go nicely alongside the new announcement that we'll be seeing a new Nintendo console very soon.

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DeadlyFire2783d ago

2014 my ass. Not likely 2014. Article is a year or two off. E3 2012 you will see.

Chocoboh2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

The PS4/Xbox720 will be announced E3 2013 I imagine. Sony is just announcing their new portable system and really have no plans of announcing a PS4 anytime soon. Microsoft just launched Kinect not too long ago and I imagine they don't really have any plans anytime soon either.

At least Nintendo can move up to next gen with the big boys and the lil kids will be able to see what they were missing out on. Hopefuly they have a huge improvement on their networking system. Imagine a next gen Pokemon/Zelda game.. I'd be all like "NINTENDO TAKE MY MONEY!"

Edit: and yeah next gen Nintendo system to come out next year

DeadlyFire2783d ago

I am willing to bet everything on E3 2012 to see at least one more of the consoles announced.