Move over NGP... Introducing the Gamecube Fusion!

Over at ModRetro one of their members have modded a GameCube into a psp similar portable device, video below shows the device fully working with games loaded via a full size SD card.

The device itself is bigger than a psp and weighs a bit more, it has 2 analog pads and a d-pad, it has shoulder buttons and 4 gaming buttons, it seems like you are able to use a GameCube control pad also.

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GunofthePatriots2460d ago

You can't fool me.
We all know that's a white game gear! lol

TGPHells2460d ago

lol Game Gear, that brings back memorys, was I the only one sad enough to buy the tv adapter for it?

RankFTW2460d ago

Haha nah I had a TV adaptor also, was awesome.

Anarki2460d ago

I'd rather have a psp :(

KrimsonKody2460d ago

The Sega Nomad was 1 of the most impressive handhelds ever, only because you literally pop in the Genesis cartridges right on top, like a portable Atari. & the graphics & gameplay was on par to the actual Genesis. Only the audio kind of took a hit, & the battery life was rather decent.

great ol' days.

2460d ago
badz1492460d ago

4:3 screen ration is so last gen...but this is GC afterall, of course it's last gen lol!

hiredhelp2460d ago

Nice work ,even nfshp2 how u do that. I be very interested.

offdawall2460d ago

yea you get that , while i'll get ngp

Incipio2460d ago

Awesome! Gamecube will always have a special place in my heart, along with my SNES, GameBoy fat, PSOne, and my old Windows 95 PC that I used almost solely for Command & Conquer.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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