Portal 2 is $34.99 at Amazon today Video Games Deal of the Day PORTAL 2

Each day, the Video Games team selects one or more products for our valued customers at a special, low, one-day-only price. Quantities are limited, so the price is only available while supplies last. Deals will go live at approximately 12:00 a.m., Pacific time.

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SarahFox2785d ago

the second PSN comes back i will be rocking the socks off those Co-op trophies !!

crxss2785d ago

uh where's the PS3 version...? did it sell out or are they only doing 360 and pc sales cause they were so lackluster?

Solid_Snake-2785d ago

360 sold the most. there prob trying to get as much money back for bad sales of the ps3 version. hence why its not on sale.

Neo Nugget2785d ago

I really hate it when Amazon does this not even two weeks after I bought the game for $55 =(

Not really going to complain though. I got my $20 credit to use on L.A Noire :)

despair2785d ago

lol so technically you got it for $35 as well right?

The_Nameless_One2785d ago

Wow. The PS3 version is already out.

SpikeSpiegel2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I already bought it at that price when I preordered the game. Still, its a great price for those who wanted to play the game but didnt wish to pay 60 bucks to do so.

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