G4: Section 8: Prejudice Review

G4: "TimeGate Studios inserted some original ideas into its online multiplayer-focused 2009 release, Section 8. For everything that didn’t work about the game – the single-player campaign-as-multiplayer tutorial, the sometimes wonky controls, the horrendous vehicle handling – it still managed to offer an online experience that distinguished itself from other shooters on the market.

Unfortunately, when multiplayer is at the heart of your game and it doesn’t attract an audience quickly, that’s pretty much it. Section 8 failed to resonate with players who only had eyes for the host of other, more well-established shooters, but now TimeGate is back with Section 8: Prejudice, a more polished offering – and a much lower price point – to fill your online playtime with."

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Redgehammer2488d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine us the game is a solid 4 out of 5.