Elevator glitch found in Call of Duty: Black Ops

A new glitch has been found in Call of Duty: Black Ops, in which a player can get an elevator-like liftoff from the ground using a specific method.

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Bigbangbing2783d ago

Oh my god someone found a glitch in a game, how fascinating..

Elimin82782d ago

Not just A GAME, it's a call of duty game. Haven't you heard? CoD games "rarely" have glitches if ever..

Kingdom Come2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I have this lingering feeling that Sledgehammer Games' desire to create a bug free Call of Duty is impossible. But to be entirely honest, I don't care. The COD Franchise died after 4...

X-Zone2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

CoD's bugs are nothing compared to GTAIV's lol

That game has a bug/glitch literally round every corner lol

RedDead2783d ago

what happens when the car pops?

zeksta2783d ago

Wow.. Treyarch you really did make a great game, didn't you? :/

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