NGP Release Not Affected By PSN Intrusion

The rumors have been officially put to rest.

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nevin12702d ago

NGP can't afford a delay.


Good, 'cause that thing is day 1.

Shikoro2702d ago

Yup, all it needs is a good launch lineup.
Uncharted, Killzone, Wipeout and Gravity Daze will do, for the core gamers, I guess. :)

gta28002702d ago

Well, this hack seemed inevitable. So I'm glad it happened now and not after NGP released. At least now we know that when NGP is out it will be on a more secure network.

Ravage272702d ago

NGP and PS Suite relies heavily on the PSN infrastructure and it's much better for things to get sorted out now.

Zeeraq2702d ago

Good, Cuz it's a day 1 buy for me.
Hope they announce a good line-up of games for NGP.

Masterchef20072702d ago

Nah i dont believe it affected the NGP at all.

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