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Recap of Sony PSN's Intrusion

Over the evening, while most of us were sleeping here in the states, Sony conducted a short-notice press conference regarding the intrusion of their PlayStation Network and Qriocity. Apologizes were extended by Kaz Hirai, Shinji Hasejima, and Shiro Kambe for the inconvenience that has been placed on customer, followed by a very touching and humble bow. (PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

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Dante112  +   1670d ago
"Mr. Hirai confirmed that customer’s security codes for their credit cards were not compromised, and only a maximum of 10 million people use their credit cards on the PSN."

Sweet, expected more people to have their cc info the PSN though (like maybe atleast 20-30 million, outta 55 million people/77 million accounts). Can't wait to get on the Infamous 2 beta with the free 30 day PS+ deal.
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thegamefanatics  +   1669d ago
Yup, especially since it's been extended :)
squallheart  +   1669d ago
This is why im still a loyal sony customer. Eventhough they have messed up in the past, they will always do their best for their customers especially now that hirai is there. Rather disheartening to read the past few days all this bashing thanks to all these "news" scare tactics.
meetajhu  +   1669d ago
Next week's PlayStation Network releases:

*The PlayStation Network.
boogey157  +   1670d ago
Still hope they took this time to implement features available in the future* such as cross game chat
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ExPresident  +   1669d ago
Doubtful, they got enough on their plate already.
jonboi24  +   1669d ago
most likely not. chances are that will hear more about as e3 comes closer and chances are it will be ps+ exclusive.
B1663r  +   1669d ago
They still dont realize that CC#'s and C2V numbers were compromised, I doubt there will be anything new on PSN for a good long while.


ROFL, scroll down this page, look at second item on related news. And quit Trollin Troll!
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ExPresident  +   1669d ago
You proof? I mean actual proof, not some guy just saying it happened to him?
Dante112  +   1669d ago
Marked as trolling. Sony stated days ago that the CC was encrypted and that the CVV wasn't store on the PSN.
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Dante112  +   1669d ago
Links as my proof for B1663r

C C encrypted

Source: http://www.psu.com/forums/P...

CVV not stored

"Apparently, it was an error which he made since he has clarified that they did. However, he assured people that the company, although asked for the CCV codes, did not store them in their database."

Source: http://www.gamersmint.com/s...
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Knushwood Butt  +   1669d ago
I couldn't care less about cross game chat.

I just want Silent Hill and Street Fighter Alpha up for purchase on the Japanese PSN..
BangBangSami  +   1669d ago
I just don't think it is fair that everyone get free PS+ now... what about the people who have been paying for it?
Dart89  +   1669d ago
You get an extra 30 days added to you're existing account.
FunAndGun  +   1669d ago
they will get an additional 30-days added on for free.
jonboi24  +   1669d ago
they get a free month free. at least they get to keep there free ps+ for a while. those users who get ps+ for free won't get to keep their games when the free offer is done unless they sign up for it.
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MrBeatdown  +   1669d ago
Current subscribers get an extra month as well.

@PirateThom (below)

True, you don't really get an extra month of time, since it's just covering the time you missed, but you do get an extra month of content, so you would actually be getting a bonus.

Say you had a three month subscription for April, May, and June. You lose out on the April time, but you still get the April content. Since it is extended by a month, you get the content for April, May, June, and July.
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PirateThom  +   1669d ago
Yeah, depending on how long the service takes to come back up, you're really only getting the month you missed out on... while standard users are getting a month free...
Dante112  +   1669d ago
Does Qriocity come with PS+? Also can you get free to DL songs off it?
rdgneoz3  +   1669d ago
It is not free with PS+. Also, its a music streaming service. Think of it like Netflix, you cna stream music and make play lists to play on your computer / PS3.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1669d ago
If you have subscription of 1 year PS+, you already have 3 months free.

Now with this 30 days, you already have 4 months of PS+ for Free.
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DWOM  +   1669d ago
so it's all good!
TrashyNewz  +   1669d ago
if anyone needs any specific answers regarding PSN PM ME. i will have an answer or to how your personal info will be protected i will have an answer for that as well.
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thegamefanatics  +   1669d ago
Why do people need to PM you?
TrashyNewz  +   1669d ago
you dont have to but i prefer it. this is only for people who want a serious answer from someone with experience in the gaming industry and a robust knowledge of gaming news.

but if you dont agree so be it.
BangBangSami  +   1669d ago
@MikePG, I am wondering what your experience is, mostly because I am doubting it isn't more than being an employee of Sony or PlayStation, or a dev company attached to them. *just sayin* Assuming you are just a gaming community member.
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TrashyNewz  +   1669d ago
so you do know who gamasutra is correct THEGAMEFANATICS
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thegamefanatics  +   1669d ago
@MikePG You sir are funny, because no gaming news company puts their staff in a contractual agreement stopping them from saying who they work for.
Take your trolling elsewhere please ;)
zeal0us  +   1669d ago
"The servers were located at AT&T’s server centers in California."

its all AT&T fault, see if they wasn't busy trying forced themselves on t-mobile users through the fcc then this event would never happen

yes i'm joking


"Created a position of Chief Information Officer to monitor the network." job creation, sadly this person will be in a world of hell if hack happens

"Sony will consider paying for identity theft protection services in each country of those affected."...watch a bunch of ppl try to act like there id been stole and cc misuse, hopefully they(sony) will pay id theft protect in each country but now I think about it, that's alot of money even for a multi-billion dollar company.
Mikeyy  +   1669d ago
PSN must have went over AT&T new Bandwidth caps, and got cut off.

KarrBOMB  +   1669d ago
* Mr. Hirai confirmed that customer’s security codes for their credit cards were not compromised...

* Sony will consider covering the cost of reissuing new cards for those affected.

* Sony will consider paying for identity theft protection services in each country of those affected.

If no security codes were compromised then why consider covering the cost of reissuing new cards or paying for identity theft protection services? If their so confident no credit information was leaked then why offer or talk about offering services that cover issues pertaining to stolen credit information?

And if they were aware of unusual activity on April 19th, then shut down the services a day later, but didn't say anything until the 26th. What makes anyone think their going to come forward and admit peoples information was stolen any time soon?

I would take the idea that they are thinking of paying for identity theft services and reissuing cards, that there is more at hand then what they are telling everyone.
rdgneoz3  +   1669d ago
"If no security codes were compromised then why consider covering the cost of reissuing new cards or paying for identity theft protection services"

Because a) people can be paranoid (though in the case of not knowing everything and rumors running about, it was justified [minus the fanboys]), and b) many have canceled their cards already and had new ones reissued just to be sure.
MrBeatdown  +   1669d ago
Well, that's an interesting conspiracy theory.

Or you can take it to mean they are confident CC info wasn't stolen, and are offering to cover the costs because they believe it ultimately won't cost them much, and it gets them some bonus PR points for being willing to do all they can to fix their mistakes.

Or, get this, maybe they just want to make sure their customers are taken care of. If you're trying to imply that them taking care of their customers means that that there is something more going on, you're basically trying to suggest something that has already been debunked numerous times. Sony has said multiple times they didn't store those security codes. And Visa doesn't allow those codes to be stored, according to their website...


Sorry, but Sony's willingness to clean up their mess doesn't imply they are only doing it to cover up a bigger mess. It just means they're trying to do what they can to fix the problem, and nothing more.

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DigitalAnalog  +   1669d ago
I've watched the stream and I think they said they have "NO EVIDENCE" that the credit cards are not compromised but they WON'T rule it out.

-End statement
KarrBOMB  +   1669d ago
Ohh and quick note on Japanese big business. They tend to downplay bad news or just avoid saying anything about it at all. Remember the recent earthquake in Japan, the company that owns the Nuclear power plant said there was no risk to people living near the facility, and that the issue was being taken care of so for the public not to worry. This is a typical practice for many big businesses, but the japanese companys take it to a whole new level.
earbus  +   1669d ago
Youre right as it is a dishonour to fail the head bows down.
gamecock  +   1669d ago
within a week
KarrBOMB  +   1669d ago
How many companys do you know that offer to pay for consumers issues when they didn't cause the issues? Their ( Sony ) doing these things because...

A- They have no faith in what they are telling everyone.
B- They know credit info was compromised and are offering to shell out literally millions of dollars for something that is bound to surface down the road.
C- Think their fans are gullible enough to believe everything they say and hope these things will distract them.
D- All the above.

No company in the business of making money, especially a large company like Sony, is going to shell out millions of dollars because some people hear rumors. If they made decisions like that then they wouldn't be in business. Hey there's a rumor that cell phones cause cancer, why aren't Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile paying for doctor visits?
gaden_malak  +   1669d ago
You're an idiot. Take the tin foil hat off, there's no conspiracy here.
Sparticus_1  +   1669d ago
Ok..so last week the said services will resume within the week. Which meant by this Tuesday coming up. Which is only two days away. Now on a Sunday they said within a week again...which is next Sunday...they lied to us again...they need to get their story straight and give us an eta instead of pushing it back each week

Not to mention they are "considering" to pay card replacement and theft identity charge? Im sorry..Ive stood behind Sony since the beginning of the PS era...but with that statement alone...I have lost all faith in them. I might "consider" respecting them again if they ever grow a pair!
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