PSN's Still Down, so What's New?

Blip here and it seems everyones getting involved in Sony's business. Not much is new, but I still try and keep you informed.

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Dart892783d ago

*so What's New?*

Fast 5 is awesome.

blipboy742783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I'd like to see that. :) I'll get you a shot-out

hetz152783d ago

just beat portal 1. short,but fun game. The credit song is just epic. "and when you are dead, I will still be alive."

Kon_Artist 2783d ago

*so What's New?*

I finally got an iphone 2 days ago.

_DragonSlayer_2783d ago

*so What's New?

I just bought a new TV

Come On everyone..Let's reward another stupid PSN article with the What's new Game..Only rule post something totally not related to the troll article..FUN FUN FUN

thebudgetgamer2783d ago

not these articles i tell you what.

earbus2783d ago

Well moto gp is on tonight i allways stop for F1 and moto gp.

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The story is too old to be commented.