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JoelR2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

PSN to be up they hope before the beginning of MAY

free PSN+ for 30 days to non subscribers
30 days extra for PSN+ and Qriocity
+ other freebies

more firewalls
a new head of network security
more encryption - more levels of encryption
more authentication required

cc data still safe they believe as no damages can be linked to that currently and the encrypted data but still monitor it

change passwords

passwords for |PSN accounts can only be changed on original creation console or by verified email

intrusions started the 17 through the 19th - shut down on the 20th

info hit managers on the 20th

servers are in california

sophisticated attack - not a simple attack

have had 2 different firms doing audits on the network and servers

FBI + other nations doing investigations but headquartered in the USA so SNEI has used primary FBI - investigating authorities in other countries on individual basis

potential compromised - user name, address, password,birthdays - can not rule out CC hack but evidence suggests it is not compromised

if it is SONY will pay to replace the cards for all affected

78 million accounts! - in many case more than 1 account per user - but total no idea how many real

evidence for user data compromise is high, but no real data that they attacked the credit cards

nakamichi electronics - was it a known vulnerability or a new one? It was a known vulnerability to security researchers but not generally known to hackers and not known at the time by Sony

ddurand12789d ago

but will I be able to play my newly acquired copy of crysis 2 online?

I hope so

iamnsuperman2789d ago

@Joeir In a way giving PSN+ is a great marketing ploy. People get to try it. Its the only thing they can do and they shouldn't do any more but by making people try it more might stay. Lets hope it is on soon and get the hype bus to E3

metsgaming2789d ago

Well it was may before they even started the conference were you mistaken or whre they? lol

JoelR2789d ago

just mistaken on date... I should know better T_T

but yeah they want it up within days - max week at outside

Graphics2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

"passwords for |PSN accounts can only be changed on original creation console or by verified email"

Cool they also provided more safety for the people that game share..........

LordMaim2789d ago

The press conference is in Japan, where it is May already. When they said they want full service restored by the end of the month, they mean by the end of May, not April.

Some services they will restore within the week, but it sounds as though the PS Store won't be back right away. Online gaming and chat is the priority.

a_bro2789d ago

it sucks though about the PS store, SOny and developers are going to take a hit there.

jonboi242789d ago

luckily sony will do their best to support developers especially those with games released only on psn with priority psn store advertising and other stuff.

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ExPresident2789d ago

Hopefully sooner than later. Good work Sony, looking forward to PSN return :)

Lirky2789d ago

Yeah glad itll come back, i hope online-play and more like messaging friends move faster instead of previous lag from xmb to game.

jonboi242789d ago

xmb to game lag is not related to psn, it is more likely os/processing issues

Shikoro2789d ago

Yeah, bad optimization and programming of the XMB.

Soldierone2789d ago

Use Steam on Portal. It is a PSN issue. If they simply add a streamlined interface to PSN when in a game all is solved. Press select to open up the PSN module, from their message friends or do whatever. Its basically a dumbed down XMB.

Fact of the matter is, we dont need the entire XMB when in a game. so why have it just to message a friend....

If it is the OS...well Sony has changed that multiple times by now too so do it. After using Steam on my PS3 I realize how clunky PSN can be.

im-12-years-old2789d ago

I hate the lag aswell but the only way it can be fixed is either with a new OS/more optimized OS.

Like the above said.

xAlmostPro2789d ago

It's actually down the game development, some games(exclusives) manage to run the XMB without lag while alot of multi-plats make it slow n stuff :) glad it will be back soon.. as of today they are turning PSN's back on region by region with the stated selected features of course.. expect PSN back in a few days while the store is still being checked and may take until the end of may :D

rebirthofcaos2789d ago

well im waiting the new headlines "PSN welcome not enough, we demand more"

JoelR2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

more q/a - will update as it goes

anything that has fees - they will handle on an individual basis

if fraud occurs they will also handle region by region

information faster??? found intrusion - stopped services as soon as notified, prevent spread of damages by stopping services, 3 companies to investigate accesses - HUGE amounts of data so it took time to find out what was happening, as they became certain of info they released as soon as they where sure. takes time to shut down the system - more than they thought!!! and way more data than they hoped! they were sure of data on the 26th.

1st week of may is target time - sooner rather than later

purpose/objective of intrusion (high likelyhood CC data not accessed so why?) --- we have experienced many various attacks during the last few months but there is no definite evidence with a particular group but ... draw your own conclusions. we are not in a position to say they did it but we do have data that suggests that

password encryption - various security measures taken that should have precluded it being necessary

network strategy - tablets, ngp, qriocity - network going forward is a core of the PSN and Sony worldwide NGP/PS3/Qriocity need PSN as core. network products need to reclaim trust and confidence of users,
strengthen network security,
increased better network products

cancel your services? / erase data? you can do it and we will remove data in good faith

user_password - prevent reuse of old passwords? measures to make sure / ensure / encourage people not to switch back to old passwords... sounds more like they expect the consumer to do this rather than being forced by a password monitoring software (they will get back on this (sounds like they think that maybe they should do this))

impact on Sony? expected to happen to someone - what was your plan for when this happened

jonboi242789d ago

thanks for updating with the Q&A's. i'm currently listening to it but if find their translator sound horrible. keep up the good work and bubbles to u sir

JoelR2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

protection of data has always been on their mind - since the ps2
they have standards that must be followed
could we have done something better? prompt delivery of information, review the entire system
anonymous has been repeatedly hammering them in many ways - they had outside security firms helping them against anonymous but the last hack was done in a significantly different manner and could be someone else. it can not be solved by Sony alone - networked society needs to deal with these unwanted intruders as a whole, companies, individuals, governments, isps all are part of the solution

speed of disclosure on scea was much faster the scej - why did they get info faster?
sony has a blog in the eu and the us and japan does not so it comes out faster on the blogs than in japan. we are building a blog for japan to get better communication and we want to give similar info to the world simultaneously

rootkey crack on the console - what measures to deal with this? WE CAN NOT SHARE THIS DATA as it is confidential we use stringent measures to protect

how much will it cost for protection and reissuing of cc and personal data to sony for compensation? No info as it is unclear and unlikely that ccards have been compromised but if they are they will deal case by case

Kaz Harai is responsible - buck stops here! going forward I need to make sure our customers regain their trust in us by doing the right thing! Mission going forward

attacks have been going on for 3 months nonstop why did you not identify the vulnerability that was used? started with DNS attack but they were defeated each time and the security team throughout the world was fixing any issues that showed - but they missed the one vulnerability.
they have global and national security teams working on network security at all times, they will review and revise procedures to avoid a repeat

pay services - no real paid subscriptions so no real cancellations to service (outside of psn+) if a user wants to withdraw membership - refund remaining psn+ and refund wallet (CASE BY CASE BASIS)

call centres - calls mostly related to when the network is coming up!

Japanese Police? needs to check - to their knowledge NO, but data is shared by police around world.

Free? will be different per divisions
free content (titles different) some more costly
15-20$ services per region x all accounts!!!

why did you not notice till the 20th if it started on the 17th? confirmed on 20th but was being monitor and could not detect in advance as they did not know about the vulnerability - they are enhancing robustness of data centre
need more testing of network (more and deeper)
comprehensive set of measures!

JoelR2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

.... last 10 mins of questions have just reiterated previous questions...

don't reporters listen to what is previously said?

and they ended the conference (guess the moderators realized that as well.)

good night all!

Soldierone2789d ago

Ive seen a couple people posting this, but one slightly false information. PSN isn't going up within a week. In a way yes it is. However it is ONLY online gaming and a select few features.

PSN Store wont be, Music Unlimited will be limited to current subscribers, Qricity will not be availible as a whole yet, and I don't know if online gaming includes HOME or not as it is a service more than a game. Hell their little press release doesn't even state anything about trophies.

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